Theory of a Deadman is no stranger to the Quad Cities.  Having played the Mississippi Valley Fair and Rock The District twice they know how the QC rocks.  They'll be back in town on Sunday (Feb 19) at The Rust Belt with Skillet and Saint Asonia.

We talked with the lead singer of Theory of a Deadman Tyler Connolly about this upcoming show, the new album, and maybe just inspired the theme of their next project.

Join I-Rock 93.5 at The Rust Belt for Theory of a Deadman

Rock Ressurection Tour
Rock Ressurection Tour

Before we get to what Tyler and I talked about let's just remind you that you can rock with them Sunday at The Rust Belt.  Tickets are very, very limited so if you want in this show, now is the time to get them.

The Party Pit is already sold out but you still have one more chance to score Party Pit tickets right here.

Our talk with Tyler Connolly from Theory of a Deadman

Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images
Dave Kotinsky, Getty Images

Tyler and the guys with Theory of a Deadman have been putting out their rock music since 1999.  With 7 albums to their name and their new album "Dinosaur" about to drop on March 17, TOAD as they are known to fans, have plenty of hits to choose from when they are on stage.

In our conversation which you can hear below, Tyler said he is excited to get back on the road.  Theory has played with both Skillet and Saint Asonia before so they all know each other, but he did say there "could be some surprises".  Even though the tour hasn't started yet, he said they are already in talks to do the same lineup again in the fall.

If the tour happens again in the fall it won't come back to the Quad Cities.  But I reminded Tyler about his time here in the Quad Cities at the MVF and a couple of Rock the District shows and he said that they will sometimes recognize people because they have "some hardcore fans".

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I made you ask the questions to Tyler.

Some might call it getting fans involved, others might call it having others do my work to make it easier, whatever you want to call it, a couple of listeners had some questions for Tyler.

Lori wanted to know if they'd do a tour with Nickleback.  Tyler said "That would be great.  I actually just ran into them at Whole Foods a couple of weeks ago.  We don't talk often but that could happen one day."

Then Matt wanted to know the inspiration behind their song "World Keeps Spinning".  Tyler said, "That is one of my favorite songs of ours.".  He said, "When you feel like you're in a bad place just know a lot of people feel like that too so it can make you feel better."

The next Theory of a Deadman album?

As we talked about Theory songs and the stories behind him I brought up the idea of doing an entire album as one big story.  Tyler jumped on that one.  "That's a great idea. I'm going to take that idea and say I created it myself." Which I gave full permission to run with, as long as we get the world premiere on I-Rock 93.5.

This also brought up the conversation of putting out full albums vs. the new trend of putting out just singles.  Tyler said, "It's really not up to us.  It's going more the single route because that is how people digest music."

You can see Tyler, the rest of the Theory of a Deadman crew along with Skillet and Saint Asonia Sunday, February 19th at The Rust Belt in East Moline, Illinois.  Tyler says "It's going to loud.  We have more production and more invested in the stage."  And he says we're going to give them what they want and "play the hits."

We'll see you there from front to back and side to side.

Check out the full interview with Tyler Connolly.


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