Just a week after Wolfgang Van Halen said "I do" and became a married man, he had another special moment in life.  Talking with I-Rock 93.5.  Okay, it's probably not the same level.  But it was cool for us!

Below you can watch the video of Wolfgang talking with us about his new album, song, being on tour, and family.

Mammoth WVH

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Mammoth WVH is Wolfgang Van Halen.  If you didn't know Wolfgang does everything for Mammoth WVH.  Under "members" on Wikipedia it says, "Wolfgang Van Halen – lead & backing vocals, lead & rhythm guitar, keyboards, piano, bass guitar, drums, percussion (2015–present)".

I asked Wolfgang if he thought about bringing in anybody else on the next album.  "I'm sure that could happen down the line.  But right now I have such a fun time recording and putting it all together that I don't know if I'm ready to give that up yet."

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However, there is one guest appearance on the new album Mammoth II.  On the new song "I'm Alright", Wolfgang gave his uncle a call.

"Writing the solo I knew I wanted to use a wah pedal but I said I don't feel like using the wah pedal so I have my uncle Patrick using the wah pedal.  And as a joke on the back of the album you will see credit "wah operation to Patrick Bertinelli".  It actually slowed down the approval for our art cause we had to sign a work-for-hire form and pay him a dollar to have it there."

Wolfgang talks more about the new song "I'm Alright" in the video below.

Van Halen Generation Three?

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Of course, Wolfgang will always have the legacy of his father Eddie alongside him.  Very recently, Wolfgang took steps to perhaps keep the legacy going.  On October, 15 Wolfgang and Andraia Allsop tied the knot.

I asked him what he's been doing since then and he said, "My wife and I went to my mom's house and picked up two of my mom's six cats that she has.  The two that we are closest with.  And we just held up in the bedroom with the cats and played video games for a week."  Wolfgang went on to say "We couldn't really get a honeymoon cause we didn't really have the time but hopefully we'll be able to do that at some point.  So had to settle for our Homeymoon as we called it."

So could there be a generation three of Van Halen musicians?  Wolfgang said, "We'll see.  I've got my hands full right now.  I'd definitely like to but I gotta figure out my career and stuff first."

We also talked about touring with Metallica, and others, what songs have been doing the best while out on the road, his performance with the Foo Fighters, and more.  Watch the full interview with Wolfgang right here


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