Before Nothing More rocked the Rust Belt, they hung out with us and listeners at the Rock & Roll Mansion.  This was very exclusive to I-Rock 93.5!

Below, you can listen to the full podcast with everything Jonny, Mark, Daniel, and Ben had to say about everything from Wrestlemania to new music (which included some first-ever news), old music, and super important questions about footwear.

Before They Rocked The Rust Belt

DT Photo - Tom Tarner
DT Photo - Tom Tarner

Nothing More is on the road with Wage War, Veil of Maya, and Sleep Theory.  They said things are going well and in their free time they are playing video games, catching up with family, or doing some social media work at a local coffee shop.  Daniel said, "I like to go out and tag bridges with the band's logo.".  Clearly joking but also, it would be better than what we normally get around here!

Of course, we also talked about their newest hit "If It Doesn't Hurt".  The song originally was not going to be pushed as a radio single but the band said, "We feel it.  We know it's the single."  Before being released they shared the song industry friends, and Dan Donegan from Disturbed even sent them a text saying "That's a banger.".

The song even made it on this year's Wrestlemania.  The guys said they got an email saying it might be used.  Then all of a sudden during Wrestlemania they started getting texts from friends and got tagged on social media...which is how they found out the might went to did.

More New Music Coming From Nothing More

DT Photo - Tom Tarner
DT Photo - Tom Tarner

So you want more new music from Nothing More.  Well, it's coming.  While talking about other artists they might want to work with they tossed out Muse, and Kanye...with a smile.  But they also gave us an exclusive.  Part of me wants to make sure you listen to the audio below to find out what it is.  But I don't want to be a D to you like that.  I'll just tell you that the next single will be with David Draiman from Disturbed.  It's called "Angel's Song" and Nothing More says "Keep your eyes open for that soon."

It wasn't just me talking with the guys.  When we do a live lounge it involves listeners as well.  So they got to ask questions and take pictures with the band.  This is why you need to listen for these things cause we'll do more of them and you should win next time.

Listeners asked deep questions about the impact of songs like Jenny, Fade In/Fade Out, and Go To War.  Then I asked the deep and poignant question about whether he'd ever stepped on anything while performing barefoot.  The painful answer that Jonny went into detail about, is yes.

You can hear all of that and more fun with Nothing More in the audio below.  While listening, check out the pictures from the show at The Rust Belt below as well...and then keep listening to join us at the next exclusive I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge.

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Wage War, Nothing More, Veil of Maya and Sleep Theory at The Rust Belt in East Moline

The rock was with us on May 4 at The Rust Belt in East Moline, Illinois. An awesome, high-energy show from start to finish with a big pit and a train of crowd surfers. Relive the night and definitely catch these bands again next time they are in town.

Gallery Credit: DT Photo - Tom Tarner

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