It was great to catch up with Sleep Theory when they came back to the I-Rock 93.5 studio for an exclusive Live Lounge.

We talked (a lot) and they performed two songs for us and the listeners.  You can listen to the full audio below.  Plus, keep an eye on our Facebook page and have the app alerts turned on on the I-Rock 93.5 app for when we do it again so you can be there for another I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge.

The Rise Of Sleep Theory

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Townsquare Media

The last time we chatted their first single "Numb" was just breaking on the rock charts.  Now they've got two hit songs in "Numb" and "Fallout".  They said it's been surreal to watch their music take off and see the fans react the way they have.

And with the rise in popularity comes the rise in fandom.  Cullen told the story that they did a photoshoot in the stairwell of his apartment building and fans figured out what apartment he was living in.  Needless to say, he's since moved out of that apartment.

Some of the other fan stories about being in "loving" headlocks, and having fans yell "I'm Numb" at them made me happy that none of those stories of the stories came from the Quad Cities.  Be cool, be cool.

New Music Coming From Sleep Theory

DT Photo - Tom Tarner
DT Photo - Tom Tarner

While the wave of Fallout continues to crest, Sleep Theory told us that there is a new song coming on June 20.  And with that new song, also comes a new album on the way this year as well.

Speaking of music, if you are looking for the songs they played for us in the below podcast and you are in a hurry...look around the 4:30 and 18:00 mark.

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I also started the rumor that one of them would be the new lead singer of Linkin Park.  Cause pretty much every singer out there has been mentioned in rumors.  But no...that rumor got no traction as while Linkin Park is their biggest influence, they'll be sticking with all things Sleep Theory.

Rock bands come in all shapes and sizes.  We embrace all as long as it's good and rocks.  But for some people, this band might not fit the rock stereotype.  One I-Rock listener asked, "Was it harder to get into this genre as an African American male?".  Cullen said, "Growing up it was unusual that I liked rock music but I didn't care.  I hung out with so many different cultures that I don't see anything as race.  It's only difficult for someone to do if it's in the forefront of their mind.

We also got into heavy conversations about cartoons, cereal, and gaming.  It was a long and fun conversation with Sleep Theory.

They are great guys making great music.  We were lucky to discover them and host them early.  As they continue to push out more music they'll be on bigger stages and it will be awesome to say we were there from the start.  Look forward to having Sleep Theory back in town any time they are around.

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Wage War, Nothing More, Veil of Maya and Sleep Theory at The Rust Belt in East Moline

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Gallery Credit: DT Photo - Tom Tarner

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