We love to discover new music and share it with you.  When we had the opportunity to have up-and-coming "Sleep Theory" join us in the studio, we jumped at it.

Sleep Theory has been in the studio for three years.  But over the last year have been blowing up with the hits "Another Way" and now top 40 banger "Numb".

With vocalist Cullen Moore, guitarist Daniel Pruitt, bassist Paolo Vergara, and drummer Ben Pruitt, Sleep Theory is a band to learn more about and get to know now.

Discover Sleep Theory

The band got started by Facebook Marketplace. Seriously.  No used furniture getting in the way.

Paolo initially said hey I'll be your photographer but Cullen said "he plays guitar, piano, drums, videographer...what's it just to pick up a bass."  And with that, the two started playing.

Paolo said he was working (like a normal job) with Ben and told him about the band they were making.  But according to Ben, Paolo "completely underpitched it to us" and Ben was not all that interested since he was already in a band.  Until Paolo played him a bit of "Another Way".  He quickly left what he was doing and joined the still-to-be-officially-named band.  Then, brother Daniel was working with the band as tech but would officially become their guitarist as the pieces fell together.

So where did the name "Sleep Theory" come from?  Cullen says they were in the studio for three years and couldn't come up with a name.  They had tossed around some but nothing felt right for the band.

Cullen then googled scientific words.  When he did that there were 3 columns of words and for him, "everything else blurred out except for REM - Sleep - Theory".  It just hit him and (while taking out the REM part) Sleep Theory quickly felt right for the band.

Their musical influences vary from all four members but Ben told a great story about meeting the guys from August Burns Red when he was 15 and having an out-of-body experience.  He takes that moment and uses it to this day to connect with an audience.

Everybody in the band feels that desire to make the connection and build the community from young to old.

Hanging with the guys was just fun.  You can hear a lot of laughs in the full interview.  But the next time they are in town, we are definitely getting them on stage to rock the Quad Cities.

Until then, enjoy the above videos, enjoy hearing them on I-Rock 93.5, and enjoy the conversation below to discover new music from Sleep Theory.

*Note:  The first 4 minutes of audio had some mic issues on 2 of the mics so it sounds a little odd but you can still understand everything.  I swear I'll get this down right at some point.

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