Before I Prevail took the stage at The Vibrant Arena at The Mark in Moline Illinois, lead singer Eric Vanlerberghe talked with I-Rock 93.5.  You can listen to the full podcast below which took place just a few hours before he got the crowd bouncing at the show.

I Prevail at The Vibrant Arena at The Mark

I Prevail
I Prevail

It had been a while since we got together for a real rock show at The Vibrant Arena.  Really, the last one that got the floor shaking the building was still called The TaxSlayer Center.  But that changed on September 28 when Godsmack, I Prevail, and Flat Black took the stage.

While Godsmack was the headliner and people were excited to see them, a lot of folks were really pumped for I Prevail since this was their first time in town.  And they definitely did not disappoint.

The band played a few of their old songs, a lot of their new ones, and the majority of songs you hear on the radio.

I Talked With I Prevail Singer Eric Vanlerberghe Before The Show

It was just 3 hours before the band would be taking the stage with all the energy in the world.  And we just had a chat in catering about football, fixing an old house, and music.

If you didn't know, Eric and I Prevail are from the Detroit area so they are Lions fans.  Eric said they wouldn't have the game on while on stage but would be keeping track.

Eric said they are not actively working on new music, but they are always putting down ideas.  He said "It's like an athlete.  You have to work that creative muscle to keep it fresh."  So while on the bus they might get a riff, beat or lyric that they just write down or record and come back to later.

Blank Space

Stephanie Burkle
Stephanie Burkle

Also before the show, listener Stephanie got to meet I Prevail after winning the exclusive meet and greet with the guys.  Just another reason to listen to I-Rock 93.5.

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I discovered I Prevail through Blank Space.  I still think it's one of the best covers of a wildly popular pop song ever.  And I asked him if when people say that is how they discovered them if that was cool or if it was time to move on?  Eric said "It depends.  If someone comes up and has been listening since then, wow you've been hear taking the ride with us, that's awesome.  But when sit down and that's all you have to talk about, like we've put out a few records since then, been all around the world, got a few Grammy nominations since then is there anything else you want to talk about?"

While that cover may have really triggered things for I Prevail, they still have a lot more to bring to the fans.  Eric wants to make those albums that live on and after their performance in the Quad Cities, there are many old and new fans that will be with them for the ride.

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