Before Flat Black opened for I Prevail and Godsmack at the Vibrant Arena at The Mark in Moline, Illinois, we sat down to talk about his new band.  After leaving one of the most successful bands in rock, Jason is now the "CEO" of Flat Black and is excited about the challenge of starting over.

Discover Flat Black

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A lot of us discovered Flat Black together when they opened at the Vibrant Arena.  With only a couple songs out for us to consume, we only knew a bit of what to expect.  A lot of people walked away new fans.

Flat Black is creator Jason Hook (guitar) Wes Horton (lead vocals) Nick Diltz (bassist) Rob Pierce (drummer).  Jason says when he wanted to put the band together, he put the word out.  "I got on the phone and called everyone I know in the business and told them I'm looking for XYZ.  Then I went to social media."

Jason was flying around the country to find a drummer but then, just right down the road in his hometown of Las Vegas, a producer called him and told him to come check out Rob.  From there the two began to build the band.

Jason says "Looking for the singer was one of the more frustrating parts of this process."  Jason said they needed "stage experience, scream, sing, and not be a nightmare on tour and the whole lead singer "thing".  Then they found Wes, who they call "Wrex".

Jason Wants To Create Something Different

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Jason started building Flat Black after leaving Five Finger Death, which also happened to be right when the pandemic hit.  So he had plenty of time to build it the way he wanted and "not settle".

Jason said, "I'm trying to find what everyone else is doing, and then go the opposite direction.  I don't like to blend in or copy people or sound current."

One thing you'll never see from Flat Black is computers.  Jason said "I fucking hate that.  You'll never see me standing on stage waiting for the computer to finish the verse."

Jason Hook Trying To Hit Big Again

Jason Hook
Jason Hook

Jason says he's been "threatened with March" as the release of the new album.  But before then the band is on the road connecting with listeners.

When I asked, "How fun is it to take your new project and be back to opening again?"  Jason said "Just to be in this venue having lunch is a pinch-me moment.  The more years that go by, the more "luck" I've had.  I've been in a lot of really cool rare bands and projects.  I told my wife, how many more times do you think I can get lucky spinning the wheel?  And she said you have to try one more time.  That whole experience had to be for some reason.  And it all put me right here."

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It was great sitting down with Jason and then meeting the rest of the guys in a band that is just getting started with a guy who has been there and done that.  Take a listen to the full interview below and keep an eye and ear out for Flat Black.

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