When an opportunity comes up, you jump on it.  Even when it's short notice and time is limited.  So when I got the chance to talk with Maria Brink and Chris Howorth from In This Moment, I jumped at it.

However, my time was tight (I had to give you more tickets) and because of other radio hosts being d's and going over their time, I only ended up with about 6 minutes to chat with them.  But in that time, they did drop a band they'd like to tour with, and I'd say, sign me up today.

In This Moment - Godmode

in this moment 2022 press shot
Photo by Jeremy Saffer

The main reason for the call was to promote their new song and new album.  Godmode will be coming out on October 27, 2023.  Just in time to rock it at your Halloween party.

Of course, we have already been hearing from the album including "The Purge" which is on I-Rock 93.5.

Maria said the new album is "Our heaviest since Blood.  It's our most innovative album since Blood.  She says, "It's my favorite album we've done in 10 years."

Who Do Maria and Chris Want To Tour With?

2019 Louder Than Life Music Festival
Stephen J. Cohen, Getty Images

When In This Moment came to The Quad Cities they were with Motionless In White.  Now they are on the road with Ice Nine Kills.  Talking with them about touring, I had to ask, "Who else?".

Maria said, "The only three bands we haven't toured with are Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, and Tool.".  "We've done festivals with them but not full-on tours."

Tool will be a tough one for them.  Their opener is typically a small band with no other stage show.  Nine Inch Nails could work if, and that's a big if, they do a full-blown tour again.  Deftones totally makes sense and would be awesome.  Sign me up today.  Of course, sign me up for anything Deftones.

Maria said, "My whole countdown to my day would be to watch Deftones.".

Let's go.

There was a ton more I would have liked to talk with them about but again, time was limited, and when you get the opportunity you just run with it.  You can check out the entire conversation we had right here.

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