Some of the Quad Cities may have already discovered Lines of Loyalty when they opened for Pop Evil and Eva Under Fire at The Rust Belt.  Or maybe you've heard their new song "My Addiction" on I-Rock 93.5.  Or maybe, you have no idea who they are and are really here to check out something new.

The guys from Lines of Loyalty had just finished a show in Indiana and on their way to Clive for another show, stopped in the Rock and Roll Mansion to chat and, as you can hear below, play live in the studio for us.

Meet Lines of Loyalty

Lines of Loyalty
Lines of Loyalty

Lines of Loyalty (or as they joked "LoL") is made up of Glenn Nubz Morrison (vocals and guitar), Redo Ianni (bass, vocals, keys), and Brayden Pike (drums, percussion).

Glenn and Redo have been playing together for 9 years but just rebranded and added in Brayden after the pandemic.

During that rebrand, the guys were trying to come up with a new name.  Then lead singer Nubz tattooed "Loyalty" on his face and he said, "Welp, that's a pretty nice image".  While recording with their producer he put the logo together with the slash through the "O".

They are now riding the new album "Hurts To Be Human" and hitting the road hard.  They were with Gemini Syndrome, Pop Evil, out with Sevendust right now, and told me they had more lined up already for 2024.

My Addiction Live Performance

Lines of Loyalty
Lines of Loyalty

Nubz said "I started writing the song over a decade ago when I was struggling with drug addiction myself.  When I wrote the song I was literally a drug addict at the time."  Now, 13 years sober from hard drugs Nubz says about the song "Everyone in this world goes through different addictions and I hope it reaches out to them."

"My Addiction" was written acoustic so the version you can hear below is actually how it started.  And then they turned it into the full rockin version you have been hearing.

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We also talked about being the opener, working the crowd, what's next for them, tattoos, and more.  Be sure to keep up with all things Lines of Loyalty on their website and all their socials.

Listen to the full interview below including the live performance of "My Addiction" (around 10:30 in the interview) below.

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