Five Finger Death Punch is going on tour this summer with bands that most people wouldn't expect to travel together.  And that unique lineup is coming to Des Moines, Iowa.

August 19th at The Wells Fargo Arena you can see Five Finger Death Punch with Marilyn Manson and Slaughter To Prevail.

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Five Finger Death Punch

five finger death punch, ivan moody
Photo by Wombat Fire

The multi-platinum FFDP will be back on the road in 2024 with their 15 number-one hits and some music to share with their loyal fans.

After a brief moment when rock fans thought Ivan Moody would retire based on some comments, the band is actively back after taking most of 2023 off.

Marilyn Manson

David Wolff, Getty Images
David Wolff, Getty Images

The combination of Five Finger Death Punch and Marilyn Manson on the surface seems strange, but when you dig deeper it makes sense.  Both have very passionate fan bases and both bands/lead singers have been surrounded by controversy.

Rock fans haven't heard new Manson music since 2020 with the release of "We Are Chaos".  Could this tour be a one off or could there be some new music from Marilyn Manson coming as well?  We'll find out as the summer tour gets started!

Slaughter To Prevail

Sumarian Records
Sumarian Records

When we say it's a unique lineup, this is the cherry on top.  Or cherry to start the show.  Slaughter To Prevail is a Russian Deathcore band with a style and sound very much their own.  Something that fans of Marilyn Manson and/or Five Finger Death Punch might not be used to.

But this is how the "After Life" tour will start when it comes to Des Moines, Iowa.

Live Nation
Live Nation

Five Finger Death Punch with Marilyn Manson and Slaughter To Prevail.  A wild lineup for a hot summer night in Iowa.  Get your tickets here, sign up below to win them, and keep listening to find out how you can get your hands on one of the most unique shows to rock Iowa.

*Contest ends August 8, 2024

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