The I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge is becoming the place for bands to talk before shows in the Quad Cities.  And they do more than talk, they perform for a very exclusive audience...cause the room isn't that big.

We did it again before Eva Under Fire took the stage with Pop Evil at The Rust Belt in East Moline.  They talked with us about everything they've been up to and played a couple of songs for us which you can hear below.

Eva Under Fire Has Been On The Road

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

The last time we saw Eva was for our Holiday party in December 2022.  Since then the band has been traveling and playing around the world.

They took a trip to Europe with Skillet and said it's been the highlight of their summer.  Eva said "At one of the shows in Germany they had a balcony closed off so I went up there to watch Skillet.  During the show they gave a shout-out to us and put the lights on me and 2500 people exploded in cheering.  I was like German rock royalty doing the princess wave."

Rob told of a different experience in Europe driving through the Swiss Alps during the middle of the night while it was snowing.  He said, "We laugh at it now 'cause we're all alive." But during that time, things were definitely being clenched.

Not only has Eva Under Fire been hitting the road making new fans but they've been in the studio making new music.  They recently re-released "Unstoppable" with Cory Marks.  They are also planning a deluxe version of "Love, Drugs & Misery" and while they are putting out new music, they already talked about the new stuff they are already working on.  But Rob said that won't be something we hear "for a couple of years".

We Talked Movies, Other Cover Songs, Band They Want Tour With & More

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Of course, we talked more.  We talked a lot more with our questions, fan questions, and just general conversation with a couple of very cool rockers.

Eva told stories about:

  • Her time on the set of "Retaliators" and her first run-in with Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach.  She said her brains were "scramby eggs".
  • Songs they'd consider doing a cover of including Pink, Lady Gaga, and a Classic Rock staple.
  • Eva also talked about being a female in a male-orientated field and her advice to any young artist trying to get started in the biz.
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You can check out the full interview with Eva Under Fire below and then make sure you see them again, or for the first time, when they come back to the Quad Cities on September 3 with Finger Eleven and 10 Years at The Rust Belt.  Yep, they are coming right back.  We're just going to make them a room at the Rock & Roll Mansion.

I highly recommend listening to the full, fun interview below, but if you are in a rush and want to check out the songs, you can hear them around the 10-minute mark and the 28-minute mark of the podcast below.


Pop Evil and Eva Under Fire at The Rust Belt

It didn't matter that it was a Tuesday night. When there is rock in the Quad Cities the rockers show up and I-Rock 93.5 will be there with them. Check out the awesome pictures from Eva Under Fire and Pop Evil at The Rust Belt in East Moline, Illinois.

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