It's time to wrap up 2022.  It's been a good year with plenty of concerts, events, and bangin new rock.  So now it's time to look back at the most played songs of the year.

Why the top 69 songs?

Well first off it's funny.  And secondly, that is about how many songs we can fit in 5 hours.  So on Friday, from 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., we'll play them all back in order.  And we'll count down to midnight on New Year's Eve as well by playing back the top 69 songs from 7:00 p.m. - 12:00 a.m.

How did we figure out the top 69 songs of the year?

The computer keeps track of how many times each song is played.  So it's actually pretty simple.  And that is just's the "top played songs of 2022".  So while one of the songs you think is the greatest song might have been released in November, it's not going to be on the list.  But, for those new songs that were released in early 2022 or even late 2021, they had all year to play.

So here you go, the top 69 songs of 2022 as played on I-Rock 93.5.

69 - Ozzy Osbourne - One of Those Days

Ozzy Osbourne at Rams vs. Bills NFL Game
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Who would have thought that in 2022 Ozzy would have not 1, but 2 of the top songs of the year.  Keep rockin Ozzy!

68 - Ayron Jones - Filthy
67 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tippa My Tongue
66 - Nickelback - San Quentin

Nickelback In Concert - Austin, TX
Gary Miller, Getty Images

I'm as shocked as you that Nickelback would be on this list.  But it's a good song.  It's no Photograph...but not much is.

65 - A Day To Remember - Re-Entry
64 - Godsmack - Surrender

Musician Sully Erna performs onstage with Godsmack at Canada's Heavy Montreal in 2019.
Mark Horton, Getty Images

Godsmack debuted this one on 9/28/2022, so I'd bet you'll see it on the top songs of 2023 as well. It's a good song from a band that has been cranking them out for years.

63 - A Day To Remember - Miracle
62 - Coheed and Cambria - Shoulders
61 - Asking Alexandria - Alone Again

Better Noise Music / Photo by Danny Worsnop
Better Noise Music / Photo by Danny Worsnop

Both the Coheed and Asking songs were put out late in 2021 slowly gaining momentum and keeping it going enough in the first half of 2022 to make the list.

60 - Ghost - Spillways
59 - Bring Me The Horizon - Strangers

Reading Festival 2022 - Day 2
Joseph Okpako, Getty Images

Bring Me The Horizon are definitely on the list of bands we want to bring to town.

58 - Asking Alexandria - Faded Out
57 - Papa Roach - Stand Up
56 - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Black Summer

red hot chili peppers 2022 press photo
Warner Records / Photo by Clara Balzary

I like the RHCP, but this one was odd.  Why did Anthony sing with an accent in parts of it?  But, here it was!

55 - Coheed and Cambria - The Liars Club
54 - Offspring - Behind Your Walls
53 - Starset/Breaking Benjamin - Waiting on the Sky to Change

Fearless Records
Fearless Records

This one from Starset came out in September and took me a bit to get into, but now it's doing great on the station and across the country.

52 - Halestorm - Wicked Ways
51 - Black Keys - Wild Child
50 - Architects - When We Were Young

Ed Mason
Ed Mason

Architects are one of those bands from across the pond that keep growing.  Expect to see their new one "Tear Gas" on the list in 2023.

49 - Ozzy Osbourne - Patient Number 9
48 - Slash featuring Myles Kennedy - The River Is Rising
47 - Volbeat - Shotgun Blues
46 - Highly Suspect - Natural Born Killer

300 Entertainment
300 Entertainment

First played on the station on July 1, 2022, it was a slow riser that eventually hit number 1 for Highly Suspect.

45 - Five Finger Death Punch - Times Like These
44 - Ice Nine Kills - Rainy Day
43 - Slipknot - Yen

Jonathan Weiner
Jonathan Weiner

The reason this song isn't higher on the list...first it was released in August, and two, as you'll see below there was another new Slipknot song playing at the same time.

42 - Nita Strauss featuring David Draiman - Dead Inside
41 - Parkway Drive - Glitch
40 - Beartooth - Riptide
39 - Volbeat - Temple of Ekur

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

In February we sent Scott and his son to Texas to see Volbeat.  And now here we are at the end of the year with Volbeat having two songs in the Top 69.

38 - Bring Me The Horizon - DiE4u
37 - Ice Nine Kills - The Shower Scene

Ice Nine Kills press photo November 2021
Cosa Nostra PR

The second appearance from INK on the top played songs of 2022.  I like Rainy Day better, but that was actually released in late 2021 so it didn't have as much time to play on the list.

36 - I-Prevail - Bad Things

Fearless Records
Fearless Records

One of my favorite songs of the year and another one of those bands that we need to bring to the Quad Cities.

35 - Slipknot - They Dying Song (Time To Sing)
34 - Disturbed - Hey You

Disturbed 2022 press photo
Q Prime / Reprise Records

Always good to hear new stuff from Disturbed, and while this one ended up at 34, you'll see their new one "Bad Man"  on the 2023 list for sure.

33 - Asking Alexandria - Never Gonna Learn
32 - Shinedown - Daylight
31 - Bush - More Than Machines

Courtesy of Bush
Courtesy of Bush

It only took Bush 28 years to finally get a number-one song on the Rock Mainstream charts.  They've hit number one on other charts but finally, and deservedly, they hit number one with More Than Machines.

30 - DED - Kill Beautiful Things
29 - Papa Roach - Kill The Noise
28 - Eva Under Fire - Blow

Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook @darkroomphotographyraw on Instagram
Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook @darkroomphotographyraw on Instagram

Eva Under Fire put out their first song in the spring of 2022 and over the summer it grew and grew with their first song getting in the top 10 of the national charts.  Was great to have them at the Not So Silent Night and we will definitely hear more (and hopefully see more) of them soon.

27 - Shaman's Harvest - Voices
26 - Papa Roach - No Apologies

2022 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2
Theo Wargo, Getty Images for Coachella

The third and final appearance by Jacoby and the fellas from Papa Roach.  Kill The Noise was my favorite, but all of them played a lot and did well over the course of 2022.

25 - Mastodon - Teardrinker
24 - Crobot - Set You Free


It would have been great to have these guys in town for the I-Rock 93.5 Not So Silent Night.  It was great to have Versus Me fill in though!  Hopefully, we can get Crobot and their top-played songs back.

23 - Nothing More - Tired of Winning
22 - Foo Fighters - Love Dies Young

Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins performs at the Intersect Festival in Las Vegas in December 2019
Ethan Miller, Getty Images

At the end of 2021 Foo Fighters put out Love Dies Young, and little did anybody know it would be the last song they would put out while Taylor Hawkins was alive.

21 - Memphis May Fire - Somebody
20 - Three Days Grace - Lifetime

@iamchinomarin on Instagram
@iamchinomarin on Instagram

With Three Days Grace putting out new music and coming to The Rust Belt to rock the QC, we were going to be playing them.  Still, one more to go on this list.

19 - Jack White - Taking Me Back
18 - Five Finger Death Punch - AfterLife
17 - 3 Years Hollow - Breaking Sound

Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto
Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto

3 Years Hollow released this song in December of 2021 and we may have already had plans for them to rock for you at the 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock party.  Very loose plans...more like thoughts...but it all came together!

16 - Bad Wolves - If Tomorrow Never Comes
15 - Wage War - Circle The Drain

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Great song from a great band and a cool group of guys.  Wage War killed it opening for Three Days Grace and playing at the I-Rock 93.5 studio.

14 - Pop Evil - Eye of the Storm
13 - Korn - Worst Is On Its Way
12 - Ghost - Call Me Little Sunshine

Kevin Wilson

Loudwire called Ghost the band of the year for 2022.  This one didn't quite crack the top 10 for I-Rock 93.5.

11 - Motionless In White - Masterpiece
10 - Halestorm - The Steeple
9 - Korn - Start The Healing

Alexandra Williams @awesomealex_photo/
Alexandra Williams @awesomealex_photo/

This should not come as a surprise that Korn is in the top 10.  They played the QC and they are my it was going to happen.

8 - Fozzy - I Still Burn
7 - Three Days Grace - So Called Life
6 - Falling In Reverse - Zombified

falling in reverse, ronnie radke, aftershock festival 2019, sacramento
Miikka Skaffari, Getty Images

If I had to choose a band of the year, it would be this one.  Falling In Reverse blew up and were more sought after on the live shows than the headliner.  And they have two in the top 10 of our list.

5 - Shinedown - Planet Zero

The band Shinedown in front of an American flag.
Jimmy Fontaine / iStock

Another band that could easily qualify for band of the year, Shinedown continued to sell out shows, have number-one songs, and huge record sales.

4 - Falling In Reverse - Voices In My Head
3 - Muse - Won't Stand Down

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The top two songs of the year both started on I-Rock 93.5 on the same day.  2/24/2022.  This gave both songs an entire year to play.  They still had to be good songs and grow in the Quad Cities, but giving them an entire year to play put them at the top.

Both of these songs were ones that we "started early on" and then the songs just kept growing.  The bands keep growing.  And the songs were only separated by 10 plays.

2 - Bad Omens - Villian

JR Howell, Howell Photographic Arts LLC
JR Howell, Howell Photographic Arts LLC

Bad Omens opened for Ice Nine Kills at The Rust Belt in November of 2021 and it's been great watching them get bigger and bigger over the past year.

1 - Dorothy - Rest In Peace


Dorothy has a soulful different sound that stands out and with their newest album "Gifts from the Holy Ghost" a more rockin sound.  It paid off as Rest In Peace charted at number 2 in the nation, and number one on I-Rock 93.5.

Thanks for rocking with us for the past year.  We'll keep it going in 2023 if you keep listening and coming out to all the stuff we do.  And remember what you are listening to now on the station, cause you'll probably be seeing it on our list of the top 69 for 2023.

Keep it loud.  Keep it hard.  Keep it, with I-Rock 93.5.


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