The Quad Cities rocked a hot and sweaty Tuesday with Three Days Grace, Wage War, and Zero 9:36.  The Rust Belt was once again the place to be as the heat, road construction, and having to work the next day didn't stop you from having a great time with some awesome music.

I've told you before that concerts are more than just the music but the complete experience.  From the time you walk through the doors, the sights, smells, and sounds all create memories.

For me, though, it's the people.  This was an amazing show as it was the I-Rock 93.5 family in full force.  Never feel shy, lonely, or awkward at a rock show in the Quad Cities cause you all have so much in common.  The fist bumps, handshakes, bro hugs, and full-on sweaty hugs were in full force.  I'd happily have taken the time for more.  You guys seriously freakin rock.

OK..on to the show and pictures from the show below!

Zero 9:36

Zero started the show at 7:00 p.m. with an acapella rap that set the mood for his set.  He would bring elements of rock, metal, hip hop, EDM, funk, name it, this guy seems to mix it into his performance.

After the show, we talked for a bit and he told me talking with streaming services that they "don't know what category to put him in" cause he's too rock for rap and to rap for rock.

Wage War

Next up was Wage War.  Now we already had a taste of Wage War earlier in the day when they came to the Rock 'n' Roll Mansion for an exclusive performance, interview and meet and greet.  (links to that audio coming soon)

These guys were very cool to hang with then and ripped it hard on stage.  The pit was going hard.  The steam from all the fun you were having in the pit was flowing right upstairs where I was taking some pictures.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

If you have not really experienced Wage War yet, find a chance to cause you won't be disappointed.  It always makes the performance better too when you know the band you are watching are just cool people.

Three Days Grace

The headliner for the night actually got the party going before even taking the stage.  A lot of folks could have been wearing out after Wage War.  But, there is nothing like some "Jump Around" to get the party started again.

Three Days Grace would open with one of their new songs in "So Called Life" and followed it up with hit, after hit, after hit.  I think there 2 songs I didn't know every word to.

At one point mid-show, they busted out the stools and keyboard to knock a couple of acoustic songs.  It was a nice change of pace as the show was going hard...and did I mention it was hot.  The AC was cranked, but that many bodies working up a chance of it staying cool.

3DG ended the night with "Riot" just before 11:00 p.m. leaving the Quad Cities rock family happy.  This is also where I got to talk, sweaty hug, and take pics (send me all those pics you took) as security slowly shuffled us on our way.

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Yeah, a lot of us woke up tired and sore with headaches the next morning, but it was worth it.  This is why we'll all do it again the next chance we get.  Which will be Friday, September 9th back at The Rust Belt for a free show with 3 Years Hollow.  See you there.

Check out the pics of all three bands here thanks to Chino Marin @iamchinomarin on Instagram.

Three Days Grace, Wage War, Zero 9:36 at The Rust Belt in East Moline

It may have been a Tuesday night, but the Quad Cities showed up in force on July 19th for Three Days Grace, Wage War, and Zero 9:36. Check out the photos here. We'll see you at the next show at The Rust Belt for the "3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock" free concert with 3 Years Hollow, Alborn, The Forty Twos, and The Hong Kong Sleepover

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