In the middle of summer, things are going to heat up when Beartooth rocks the Backwater Stage.

July 18 the Q Casino Backwater Stage will rock with Beartooth, Currents, Boundaries, and Nevertel.  Tickets are on sale right here and you can also win them below from your concert leader, I-Rock 93.5.


Chris Casella
Chris Casella

Caleb Shomo first turned the pain of his struggle with mental health and self-image into music in 2013. Beartooth began as a living document, a diary, a journal of repressed rage and depression. Alone in his basement studio, screaming and singing, playing all the instruments, and self-producing a batch of furious but melodic songs filled with reflection and confession, the Ohio native stared into the abyss, initially with no intention of returning to the heavy music world that burned him as a teen.

A decade later, the different pieces of his body of work connect in title, sound, and spirit. As the frontman hits 30, Beartooth’s fifth album, The Surface, completes this era in 2023. Even more importantly, it kicks off a new chapter filled with surprising optimism and just as honest. Depression is a sick, disgusting, aggressive disease below the surface. Caleb stands ready to bask in the light.

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All 4 bands rocking Dubuque with you!

Q Casino
Q Casino

Beartooth 2024 tour at the Q Casino Backwaters Stage.  Get tickets here and win them below exclusively on the I-Rock 93.5 app!

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