I know I've said it 100 times, but I'll say it 100 more cause it's just so great to say.  Live music is back.  It feels good to say right.

Now that we all know how much it sucks to not be able to go to shows, let's not take them from granted and get out and see everything we can.  Which is why I asked the question of you on the I-Rock 93.5 Facebook page "What are the best concert venues in Iowa?".  (I also asked about Illinois and will do a story/photo gallery for those as well.  But it's a bit more time consuming cause...you know there are a lot of them with Chicago.)

There were a lot of places in Iowa that people brought up.  But I was looking for the best of the best.  The ones that add an extra dimension to the show.  Yes, a great band can create great memories nearly anywhere.  But a good band can be one of the best shows ever at the right setting.  Which is why I said in the Facebook post that I wasn't looking for the venue that booked the best bands.  But the venue that is just a cool live music place.

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Korn in a stale generic box for me would still be cool.  But any band at venues like some of these that you brought up below would be a cool experience.  Maybe they only have one rock show a year.  Or maybe none.  But what the venue is like from the inside and outside just makes it a cool place to enjoy live music.

The below venues are in no particular order.  And I'm probably missing some.  So, send me an email (ryan.mccredden@townsquaremedia.com) with photos from that venue you love and I'll add them to the Iowa concert venue bucket list so we can enjoy all the live music again.

The Best Iowa Concert Venues

Now that we are going to shows again, we wanted to share the best concert venues in Iowa with you. Which venues need to be added to the list? Send the name and some photos of your time there to ryan.mccredden@townsquaremedia.com

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