Let's face it, all of us are ready for former warmer weather in the Quad Cities. While we still have a little way to go before we have consistent warmer weather, we can still get prepared for all of the fun activities and events ahead of us. To help us get prepared for warm-weather activities (and other activities while it's still kind of cold), the Davenport Parks & Recreation Department has released its 2022 Spring/Summer Recreational Guide.

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There definitely isn't a lack of things to do in the Quad Cities in the Spring and Summer. Sometimes, it's a little hard to keep track of it all. Luckily, the awesome people over at the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department helps all of us out by putting out their annual Spring/Summer Recreational Guide and the 2022 edition is here.

Officials announced last week that the guide is available online at www.davenportiowa.com/parks, and starting today, February 8th, physical copies are available for pickup at recreation centers and partner agencies throughout the city of Davenport.

Officials from the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department also gave a little synopsis of what you can find in the 2022 Spring/Summer Recreational Guide and events to mark on your calendars. Those events include Party in the Park, Mainstage Productions at Davenport Junior Theatre, and Family Fun Days at Fejervary Learning Center.

Davenport Parks and Recreation officials also announced the 2022 citywide Summer Theme is "Beyond the Beaten Path". There are so many things for people of all ages to do and learn this summer with the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department including ice skating, swimming, acting, dancing, and more.

Officials also reminded people who need a place to rent for hosting special family gatherings this summer, that there are plenty of spaces throughout the city of the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department that are available. The 2022 guide has information about reserving those outdoor and indoor spaces as well.

The Davenport Parks and Recreation Department is also hiring people for jobs this summer! To find a full list of job positions available with the department, click here.

To print off the Davenport Parks and Recreation Department's 2022 Spring/Summer Guide, check it out below or visit the department's website, www.davenportiowa.com/parks.

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