Want to see Alborn at The Rust Belt again...well we got em again.  This time they'll be with Eva Under Fire, Crobot, Discrepancies and Santa with a big sack of gifts.  The I-Rock 93.5 Not So Silent Night is on December 10.  Check it out here.

Well, that was quite the party.  We told you (a lot) about the 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock concert at The Rust Belt in East Moline and you showed up.

A lot of you showed up.  We ran out of shirts in about 20 minutes.  It would have been faster...but that was as fast as Becky in Black, Chuck, and I could hand them out.  I also know a lot of you showed up because I heard from a bunch of you that said "I've never had to park this far away at The Rust Belt".  Not sure how many people were there, but it was a lot.

Now, you can take a look back at all the people, bands, and damn good times with these amazing pictures below.

First off, thank you.

Before we get to the pictures, thank you.  Thank you for rockin with us for 3 years.  Thank you for downloading the app, liking us on Facebook, coming to our events, coming to concerts, and listening to I-Rock 93.5.

As I said before the music got started, 10 years ago some corporate douchebag took hard rock away from the Quad Cities.  Then 3 years ago they let us bring it back while thinking it would be a little side station for Townsquare Media.  And now 3 years later here we are crushing it in the QC and showing those d's how much the Quad Cities rocks.  The party was not about I-Rock 93.5.  It was about you.  The kick-ass, hard rockers of the QC.

Also, sorry kids for all the f bombs.  I got up there in front of so many of you and just got excited and got cussin.  But let's be real, your kids have heard it all before.

Thank you to the Rust Belt and the bands.

Ok one more thing before we get to those pictures.  Thank you to the Rust Belt.  Kyle, Scott, Larry, and everyone from security to bartenders that make that an awesome venue for us to do a free show.  Also, thank you to Rexroat Sound who came in and crushed another awesome rock show for us.

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What do we say about the bands?  It was the perfect combo of bands to rock the night.  The Hong Kong Sleepover got it started perfectly.  It was great to finally get you guys at one of our shows.  The Forty Twos did what they do while jumping into the crowd.  Alborn, awesome as always.  Even with a light glitch, you pounded that room.  3 Years Hollow.  You guys CAN NOT spend another 7 years on the sideline.  When you sound that good and put on shows like that, we need you out in the world more.

So to each and every person in the bands and working with the bands behind the scenes (Tom and Imel...looking your way!), thank you so much!

And one more time, it wouldn't have been a free show without the sponsors.  AHA Holisticals, Analog Arcade Bar, Dump Box, Jack's Brake & Alignment, Mike's Floorpro, Oveson Refuse & Recycling, Premiere Metal Art, Shademaster Nursery, US Cellular, and Weber Auto Group....thank you!

So what's next?

Yeah, I know...you're already done with 3 years.  You are ready for what's next.  Don't worry, we're already working on the 4 big years' party.  Until then, we've got more free music this weekend with the youth of the Quad Cities.  We've got free beer coming your way next weekend at The Pub in Milan.  (Sept 24, 5-7pm - first 93.5 people get a free beer in a free I-Rock 93.5 pint glass)  Oh, and starting next week, we're going to try and put $30,000 in your pocket.  Cause that's just how we roll.

So once again thank you.  We always joked that we were the little engine that could.  I think after 3 amazing and shocking years of being on top of that mountain, we can start to say we are the big engine that does.  Thank you Quad Cities!

Keep Looking at the Awesome 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock

On September 9th, 2022 I-Rock 93.5 celebrated 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock with The Hong Kong Sleepover, The Forty Twos, Alborn and 3 Years Hollow. The Quad Cities came out big time and rocked the Rust Belt. Thank you!

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