Don't blame us.  These are your reviews that picked the top 10 pizza cities in Illinois.

While every city might have that one best place that everyone loves, this study looks at every pizzeria in the city to get the average Google Review.  So if you don't like where your city falls on the list, then go eat more pizza and give better reviews.

The Top 5 Pizza Cities in America

Joe Raedl, Getty Images
Joe Raedl, Getty Images
loading... has sought to uncover which cities across America have the best pizzas. The study was an in-depth analysis of average Google reviews from the nation’s 500 most-populated cities. The result was a definitive list of top-tier pizza destinations.

1 - New York City (4.68)

Are you surprised at this?  It is home to America's first pizzeria, Lombardi's, which first started serving pizza in 1905.

2 - Tulsa, Oklahoma (4.65)

OK, number 2 is a surprise.  But according to Pizzeloo, "Tulsa's pizza makers are blending traditional approaches with a distinctive Oklahoma twist, earning the city a well-deserved reputation as a pizza destination."

3 - Los Angeles, California (4.63)

It's probably all gluten-free, tofu pizza.  Pizzeloo says, "From upscale, artisanal pies to classic, family-owned joints, the city's innovative toppings and diverse styles reflect its creative and eclectic spirit."

4 - Peoria, Arizona (4.61)

In the middle of the desert where you can cook a pizza on the sidewalk, people still fire up the ovens to get some of the best pizza in America.

5 - Jonesboro, Arkansas (4.6)

Pizzeloo says that Jonesboro is "Serving up slices that are both comforting and innovative, capturing the essence of Southern culinary traditions."

Best Pizza Cities In Illinois


While each city will have its winners and losers, these, based on Google Reviews are the best overall pizza cities in Illinois along with their national rank.

11 - Chicago, Illinois - 4.53

40 - Arlington Heights, Illinois - 4.52

76 - Bloomington, Illinois - 4.50

84 - Palatine, Illinois - 4.48

105 - Rockford, Illinois - 4.46

134 - Bolingbrook, Illinois - 4.46

139 - Waukegan, Illinois - 4.45

157 - Naperville, Illinois - 4.45

214 - Cicero, Illinois - 4.44

239 - Peoria, Illinois - 4.43

Bon Appetit!  Check out the full list of pizza cities below.

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