3 Years Hollow is back with new music.  On Thursday (6/8/2023) you heard the World Premiere on I-Rock 93.5.  But now here it is for you to enjoy anytime you like.

You can also hear below what the guys had to say about the song, future new music, and the potential of some shows from 3 Years Hollow in the Quad Cities and beyond.

Last Time We Saw 3 Years Hollow

Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto
Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto

The last time we saw the guys from 3 Years Hollow they were rocking the stage at The Rust Belt for the 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock party.

The last time they had new music out was about one and a half years ago when they released "Breaking Sound".  That song featured Alex Raser from Alborn on drums.

This new song "The Other Side" has Morgan Rose from Sevendust on drums.

New Music Is Here And More Is Coming

Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto
Alexandra Williams - @awesomealexphoto

So will we be getting this new song and then have to wait nearly 2 years again before we get anything else?  Doesn't sound like it.

Jose Urquiza, Tony Reeves, Chris Cushman, and Dex Digga joined I-Rock 93.5 in the studio to discuss the new song and what they've been up to lately.

According to the guys, which you can hear below, this is one of a "stack of songs" that they have either fully or partially ready.  Jose said they'll be following the model of putting out singles over the course of time and maybe eventually will put all of them into an album.  But the band is creating and finishing up new material to be shared with all of us on a consistent basis.

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The guys also talked about the writing process for the new song and all the songs that are currently in progress.  Keeping the 3 Years Hollow sound while always evolving.  And writing songs in a campground in Alabama.  Cause you never know where inspiration will come from or what will get brought up when a group of friends and long-time musician partners get together to talk music.

You can listen to the new song from 3 Years Hollow "The Other Side" featuring Morgan Rose right here.  Keep an eye out for a full video coming soon.

Check out the full conversation with 3 Years Hollow below.  And when they are ready for more music to be released and shows to happen, you know you'll hear about all of it first on I-Rock 93.5.

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