The I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge was full again with a cool band and listeners on a Monday afternoon.  Yeah, it's not easy to get out of work on a Monday afternoon...but as we keep doing more of these you should find ways to join us for this unique exclusive experience.

Pistols at Dawn in the I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Look how comfy it is as listeners watch Pistols at Dawn perform.

Before the band rocked the Rust Belt they unplugged and chatted and played here.  Below you can get the audio of the entire conversation and of both songs they performed.

Pistols at Dawn Brought Their Opinions

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Not only did the band perform for us, but we talked about their roots, influences, and other random things that came up during the conversation.

One hot talking point right now is the use of backing tracks.  We slipped into discussing this and Adam (drummer for PAD) was adamant that you'll never get that with them.

"When Devin and I created the band we made a commitment that we wouldn't use backing tracks.  If we record it and we can't play it live we won't do it," said Adam.

He continued by saying, "Bands that do it, if that's what works for them great.  I don't want to be one of those bands that say "oh my god our computers are gone we can't play our show".  I would at least have a backup ready and play a goddamn acoustic show."

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We also talked about unplugging, which they initially didn't want to do but realized they had to.  Below you can hear how well those turned out and now they embrace them.

One other great story to listen for is when Pistol's at Dawn was on tour with Mammoth WVH and Wolfgang gave a compliment to Will (guitar PAD) that totally made a Van Halen fan happy to hear.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Check out the full podcast below with Pistols at Dawn.  You can hear their next radio song "Fly" at around the 9:00 mark and the one you've been hearing on I-Rock 93.5, Under The Surface, at the 29:00 minute mark.

Enjoy, and then keep listening for more opportunities to come in and hang with cool bands at the I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge.

Shoutout to Mike Ritchie from Ritchie Sound & Lights for the help on the sound.



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