When we have bands in the I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge we never know what to expect.  Chill and laid back.  In a rush to get to the show.  Chatty.  Funny.  But one thing we can always expect is something unique that you aren't going to get anywhere else.

When From Ashes To New joined us we instantly knew it would be a good time as they were all jacked up from the tour and ready to talk about it all.  They would also be ready to play their latest hit for us.

Now this all happened before Monday night when they took the stage at The Rust Belt in East Moline.  If you missed the show, after you listen to the live performance below, you can check out the pictures from the night here.

New Album From Ashes To New On The Way

From Ashes To New
From Ashes To New

Matty B told us the story about how From Ashes To New got its name.  It was a deep, insightful answer about how he was at rock bottom, fighting addiction, and decided to give music one more try.  And how he rose from ashes, to new.  The entire thing was a setup for me to tell them how hard it was to say "Here is the latest from From Ashes To New".  And they were well aware of the "from, from" problem.

From Ashes To New's latest song "Hate Me Too" just had a ride into the Top 10, their 3rd Top 10 hit.  The song is on the new upcoming album "Blackout" dropping July 28.  As Matt told the I-Rock listeners sitting in the live lounge, pre-order and pre-save it now or I'll have to fight you.  Except for the one guy that was a big dude.

That was pretty much the theme of the entire interview.  Yes, there were moments of seriousness when talking about songs like "Bulletproof", but overall, the band was ready to have some fun with the listeners.

The Exclusive I-Rock 93.5 Live Lounge

From Ashes To New
From Ashes To New

We will continue to bring bands in for more exclusive performances and interviews and if you can sneak out of work to join us, you really should.  Not often you get to hear from a band like this with 14 people just chilling at a radio station.

And we'll always let you ask questions!  We got questions about their involvement with the movie "The Retaliators", if they would ever make a comic based on the band, who their favorite bands are, and plenty more.

You can listen to the full interview and good time with From Ashes To New here.  And if you are looking for that exclusive live performance of "Hate Me Too" that happens right around the 8-minute mark.

The Dark Horizon Tour at The Rust Belt in East Moline

The Rust Belt was packed from front to back for the sold-out Dark Horizon tour with From Ashes to New, Fit for a Kind, Motionless in White, and In This Moment. Check out the pictures from the show here and have our app alerts turned on for more announcements and a chance to score tickets to the next show.

Trivium & Beartooth at The Rust Belt in East Moline

Trivium, Beartooth, Malevolence and Archetypes Collide rocked the Rust Belt on June 2 and now you can clearly see what it looked like through the sweat and pits.


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