Today was a New Music Tuesday on I-Rock 93.5.  Normally I do these on Monday, but,  well I was busy yesterday.  So a day get five new songs.

If you missed them, check them out here.

Let's start with Iowa fellas Saul.  Their song King of Misery is from the upcoming album "Rise As Equals" which will be out October 23rd.  Check out the trippy space video for this one right here.

This next one was just released on Sept 24th and doesn't even have an actual video yet.  Liking the vibe of this one from Royal Blood.  Check out the song and lyrics with this one.

Asking Alexandria initially released this song before "Antisocialist" but it didn't really go anywhere only reaching number 29 on the rock charts.  After the success of "Antisocialist" the band is pushing this one to radio again and this time it's starting to catch on.

Bad Wolves have another song from their album "N.A.T.I.O.N.".  While the first two both reached number 1, they were also on the softer side.  With "Learn To Walk Again" Bad Wolves is bringing it harder with some driving guitars and Tommy Vext doing a little more screaming.

Finally, Ayron Jones with "Take Me Away".  I've been seeing this one out there but slow to add it as introducing not only a new song, but a new artist is something that takes time.  I'm glad this is being added as it's got a cool vibe and a different sound from what is currently out there.  You can read more about Ayron at his website

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