The future of rock in the Quad Cities is in a good place.  We've been able to enjoy numerous local bands here and in our area over the past few years.

Now the next generation is preparing to step up and take the pick and stick to keep the scene alive.  One place that has been helping that over the years is the QC Rock Academy.  Now they are helping one of their students "Hit Like a Girl" to show the rest of the country how the Quad Cities rocks.

Hit Like A Girl Contest


2023 Hit Like A Girl is the twelfth annual contest for female drummers.  The contest showcases drumming for girls of every age. The Hit Like A Girl Contest was started in 2011 by a group that felt that females were underserved and under-represented in the drumming community.

The contest has attracted thousands of contestants from dozens of countries. It has generated tens of millions of impressions and fans around the world and it has raised the visibility of female drummers, percussionists, and beat makers.

More than $75,000 in prizes will be awarded in the 2023 Hit Like A Girl contest.  The drummers can win more items to keep drumming like drums, cymbals, sticks, heads, accessories, electronic gear and educational material as well as lessons, scholarships and performance opportunities at some of the most prestigious events and music camps in the world.

Meet Quad Cities drummer Samantha Medina

Samantha is competing in the 13-17-year-old group and at the time of publishing is in 2nd place.

Samantha says "It didn’t take a village to raise this drummer, it took a concert of great local bands that gave me the opportunity to learn and grow on their stages."

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Samantha is a student at the QC Rock Academy and says her favorite thing about drumming is "When someone tells me I can’t do something. Hold my RootBeer buddy and watch me go. I work hard and love the surprise on people’s faces when I kill it."

The video Samantha submitted for the Hit Like A Girl contest is Everlong by the Foo Fighters.  Take a look at the video and then give Samantha a vote to keep the Quad Cities rocking!  You can vote once a day till April 25th.  So keep on coming back.

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