It's been about 5 months since I got the chance to speak to Diamante.  Clearly a lot has changed in that time.  Some things that haven't changed are her attitude, spirit and drive to produce great music.

Her latest song is one that many fans of music will recognize quickly.  Iris was originally done by the Goo Goo Dolls in 1998 spending 17 weeks at number 1 and going 2x platinum.

So I asked Diamante why this song right now?

"I think it's the perfect song for this moment in time.  And it's been my favorite song ever since I was a little girl."  Diamante continued by saying "Every time I listen to it, it's like a spiritual awakening.  I've wanted to cover it for years and now that I've had the chance to I decided to turn it into a duet."

That person to sing with her on Iris, Benjamin Brunley of Breaking Benjamin.  Diamante said when she was thinking of who she wanted to sing on the song with her, the idea popped into her head to ask Ben.  "I had been touring with them for pretty much the last two years of my life and when I asked him he told me the exact same thing that Iris had always been one of his favorite songs as well."

In this day and age of social media, I of course saw the pictures of Diamante and Ben together when they recorded the song.  (Check out thisisDiamante on Instagram)  One thing I noticed looking way to closely at the picture was something in the background that said "Korn" on it.  I promised her I wasn't creepy for looking that close, but I did ask if they recorded together while Breaking Benjamin was on tour with Korn.  She didn't hang up in fear.  Diamante actually said "You are a true detective!"  She told me, "I cut the song with my producer on my own and sent it to Ben.  Ben then called me and said, I could cut my own vocals to match what you did, but I think there would be an entirely new magic if you fly to the show in Reno and we record the vocals together in the same moment on the tour bus, we could create something really cool."

So that is just what they did.  And I'm glad my sleuthing was right and it wasn't just a coincidence that made me look like a stalker.

Diamante and I also talked about what things might be like when she is back on the road, what else she is doing during the coronavirus downtime and about her virtual concert taking place on July 25.

Listen to the full interview here:


Check out the new cover of "Iris" with Diamante and Benjamin Burnley.

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