There is no question that Badwolves as a band has been through more in the last year than pretty much every other rock band out there.  It's one thing when you change lead singers, but it's another when it's done so publicly with each party taking social media shots back and forth at each other. But that is not stopping Badwolves from putting out a new album and hitting the road for another tour.

Badwolves new album "Dear Monsters" will be released tomorrow (October 29th) and will feature their new single "Lifeline" and 11 more tracks.  John told me that fans can expect type of songs they have come to love about the band.  "We have some really heavy and some softer lighter and they'll all be there on the record."

If you didn't know, John was the drummer for DevilDriver and says there will be some songs on the new album that will "get down to business" with a sound that "stylistically will sound like the drums from his past."

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I asked John if he was like a kid on Christmas Eve with the new album coming out tomorrow and he says it's exciting to get the new album out and that "with a lineup change it's always a bit more on the edge."  Some of these songs were written before DL joined the band, telling me one of them was put together 4 years ago, while others were done with DL from start to finish.

Interviewing people for jobs is always the worst.  What do you ask them that you can legally ask them?  I wish I could just ask, do you suck or will you make my life easier.  Doesn't work that way.  So how does it go when you are basically interviewing people for a new lead singer of a high profile, chart-topping band that has just gone through a very public breakup.  John says the first question they asked was "Can you sing?".  Ok, that is checked off, what's next?  John and the band told me, "How does he sound on older material?  Then we hung out with him for a couple of nights looking for red flags.  Then I made a lot of phone calls with people that know him to find red flags."

I really find the "how does he sound on the older material" question fascinating.  It goes to show, when they hit the road soon, they'll be playing all the old hits that Badwolves did with Tommy.  John told me that going on tour is important to them as they know they need to "regain fans' trust with a new singer."

It will be a new era for Badwolves with new lead singer DL.  John was upbeat about it.  I mean, how could he not be since during the call he was in the Cayman islands producing music.  Check out the full interview with John Boecklin below.



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