A lot of people think there are a lot of crazy things that happen in the walls of the Rock 'n' Roll Mansion.  But as you can once again see below, the crazy is mostly reserved for outside the building.

1229 Brady Street

If you don't know, we are located at 1229 Brady Street which is just past Palmer University.  Most of the time (especially during the day) things around here are normal.  However, this area can be sketchy, odd, interesting...crazy.

We've had to put a lock on our hose as it continues to be used for early morning or late night showers.  We had to lock our flag pole as people would steal the flags.

Recently somebody stole the catalytic converter from the 97X truck.  And somehow, our cameras didn't catch that one!  This is why the cameras have been adjusted and as you can see below, the entire parking lot is now covered.

Another normal Wednesday afternoon

On Wednesday, August 10, Trevor at the Lever was here to record the I-Rock 93.5 Local Stage.  (Sunday nights at 8:00.)    His guest this week is Sleazy B.  The fellas talk about the below incident in further detail.  But, here is the first-hand recap for the one and only Sleazy B.

"It was me Sleazy B just chillin in my Jeep in the parking lot at the radio station when I look over and this skinny black dude with missing teeth is looking at me in my passenger window mean muggin. He continues walking around my jeep staring me down like he wants to kill me.


I was eating a nutter butter cookie and started laughing out loud and he preceded to walk towards Brady St. I was still in the Jeep, took another bite of my cookie and looked over and he was at Brady st. starring at me and started yelling "wtf you looking at." I yelled back "wtf you looking at" and boom he's coming my way.


I grab my box cutter and jumped out and we were in each other faces yelling back and forth. He replied I'm not scared of that box cutter so I put it in my back pocket, knocked up, and said let's go old school bitch.


Trevor at that point was walking up like what the hell and I told the guy we shouldn't be fighting we should be getting along and we were both the same and he stopped and shook my hand and agreed and we made it right and he walked away.  Then I went in and did the new episode of the Local Stage.  The end. lol"

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You never know what will go down at the Rock 'n' Roll Mansion parking lot.

Take a look at the video below and remember, we're always watching.  P.S., sorry about the cricket.


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