There is a lot of really good new rock out right now, and more on the way.  There are fancy rock stations that have money to pay for research and stuff.  I-Rock 93.5 uses our money to buy you shirts, concert tickets, and host keggers.  So how do we decide on the music to play?  If it sounds good, we play it.  Doesn't seem that complicated.  But sometimes, it can be when there is so much new stuff.

Now you may be saying "well, just play it all".  That doesn't work so well.  Cause then they get lost in the shuffle and nobody really ever hears it.  Plus, if it does suck, I don't want to play it.  So let's weed out the crap and play the good stuff.  With so much new good stuff out there, I want to hear from you on which ones of these should be added in to make your day rock harder.

Of course, you can always tell me what you like/don't like too.  On the app, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email, mail, carrier pigeon.  However you communicate I always like to hear from you. Good or bad.  Try to keep it good.  But either way, send your thoughts my way.

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OK, let's focus.  5 new songs.  Take a listen.  Tell me what you think.  I'm going to play all 5 today (1/25/22) from 10am-3pm as well so you can crank it up loud and get a feel for how it gets you going for the workday.

After you check out the 5 songs go ahead and vote below on all of them and help shape Hard Rock for the Quad Cities.

Song #1 - Jelly Roll - "Dead Man Walking"

This fella has collaborations with Struggle Jennings, Tech N9ne, and Ryan Upchurch.  His new song, "Dead Man Walking" is breaking through for this artist and currently sitting at #18 on the Active Rock charts.

Song #2 - Muse - "Won't Stand Down"

Ok, I know what you are thinking.  "Muse?  That alt/emo band from England."  Yeah, but they are one of the biggest bands in the world, and this song has an extra heavy kick to it that stands out from other Muse songs.  In fact, it's already sitting #19 on the Active Rock charts

Song #3 - Zero 9:36 - "I'm Not"

The follow-up to their breakthrough hit "Adrenaline", Zero 9:36 is back with something with a little more punch.  But, for you, does it have enough punch to break through the rest of the new stuff out there.  Vote below for this one currently sitting #31 on the charts.

Song #4 - Shaman's Harvest - "Voices"

Shaman's Harvest has been growing their following recently, but they are definitely not new to the scene.  The band's first album came out in 1999.  Now they are back with "Voices" which is currently sitting at #33 on the rock charts.

Song #5 - Memphis May Fire - "Somebody"

Another "new" band that has actually been around since 2006.  Although the band really came together in 2009 and has basically had the same lineup since then.  The new one below from Memphis May Fire is currently sitting at #36 on the charts.

So here you go.  What did you love, like, not like, hate?  Tell me below and always keep the feedback coming.

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