Sometimes when you hear of a new musical project coming from one person of a band you love, you fear the worst.  Not that the new project will be bad, but what about the band you already love!  Well no worries on either of those aspects with this one.  3 Years Hollow bass player Dex Digga has new music to debut but as he said to me in the below interview "3 Years Hollow is alive and well and even booking some shows for the upcoming months."  He didn't tell me where those shows will be, but we'll keep pushing on them for one here in the Quad Cities.

So with any of those worries out of the way, let's now talk about his new project "Anew Addiction" and the first single from it "Disaster".  The song (being released 6/4) features Morgan Rose (Sevendust) on drums and Justin Taylor (Alborn) on vocals and guitar.

Dex told I-Rock 93.5 that the idea for this project started even before the pandemic.  "I had some song arrangements that I had written on the bass guitar for the style of bass I like to play.  I showed Jose Urquiza some of the material and he said we have to record this."

After laying down the bass tracks they had to find a drummer.  The first person that Dex and Jose had in mind, Morgan Rose.  When Morgan heard it, he was totally in to record the drums.  After a dinner with Morgan, Shaun Foist of Breaking Benjamin and Jose at Tangled Wood (you never know when you'll run into rock stars in the Quad Cities) it all started to come together for "Anew Addiction".

Dex says, “Having an addictive personality, I have struggled with addiction in different ways throughout my life. But I found a way out, something positive that gave me the euphoric feeling I needed, something I could always turn to and it never let me down. The music became my fix and with that I created Anew Addiction.”

Once the name and plan was in place, it was time to find somebody to sing on the track and that is when they went to Justin Taylor (Alborn) who brought the guitar, lyrics and lead vocals to the tracks.  Yes, tracks.  We are talking about the first single "Disaster" here, but Dex tells me there are already three songs done all with Morgan on drums and Justin on guitar and vocals.

Dex and I would talk more about the possibility of an EP, how musicians are releasing music, what he grew up on and is listening to now and more.  Check out the full interview below and listen to the new release "Disaster" on I-Rock 93.5.

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