The I-Rock 93.5 Local Stage CD Volume 1 needs your artwork.  We are putting together a compilation CD of local artists to help expose their music.  Every good comp CD needs good artwork as well!

That is where you come in.  We want a local artists to be on the cover of our local CD.  There are no guidelines when it comes to this.  Get creative and let your art flag fly.  From stick people to real life looking demons, put your best work out there.  It doesn't matter if it's something you've already done or something you want to create just for us.

We'll take submissions until September 11th.  Take the best of those and then let I-Rock 93.5 listeners (and your grandma) vote on their favorite!

Like everything we do, you won't get paid for this.  But, you'll get great exposure for the rest of your art to sell, your photo business or your tattoo shop.  Plus, being able to grace Volume 1 of anything is always a good thing.

So get drawing, painting, computer animating, photo taking...whatever medium you choose and send in your stuff to

*Artwork must be original by you and cannot include any licensed trademarks.
*All pieces should fit the proper dimensions.  You remember what a CD case looks like.  It's a square.  Send me things in a square size.

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