The first question I have is, will they play this Tuesday at the Rust Belt when they open for Sevendust.  I'd like to think yes.

Alborn has a new song out that has now been officially released.  We played it first yesterday, but you can now get it for yourself right here!

The new song is called "Hindsight" and Justin says this is the next chapter for the band.

“Hindsight” is the next single, releasing June 25th and is the next chapter of Alborn.  "We recently spent a lot of time reflecting on what we have created over the last few years and solidifying what it is that we want to be. We feel Hindsight is the best representation of our sound and style at this very moment." - Justin Taylor (Lead Vocals/Guitar)

I always like to check out the video's on YouTube as well.  And I'm told that a video is being shot and will be ready in a few weeks.  Of course we'll share that as well once it's ready.  In the meantime, watch this drum playthrough for "Cause to Create" that I love and want more of from all our local bands.

attachment-Alborn Hindsight Cover Art

Produced by Morgan Rose and Jose Urquiza.
Mixed by James "Fluff" Harley
Recorded at The Attic Recording Studios
Management by Tom Baumgardner, 3 Years Inc.
Label: Imagen Records, ADA (Warner Music)

If you aren't on the Alborn train yet, you can check out more of their story on signing with Imagen records here.

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