The Quad Cities own Alborn have signed a distribution deal with Imagen Records (ADA, Warner Music) and have rereleased the song "Full Circle".

"When the opportunity opened up for me to sign Alborn to Imagen, I jumped on it. I've known these guys for years and have worked closely with them. The songwriting is so unique to me. It's fresh and not predictable. I think people will get so much out of what this band has to say," says Imagen Records' A&R Representative Morgan Rose.

"Full Circle" was mixed by Elvis Baskette and produced by Jose Urqiuza (3 Years Hollow) and Morgan Rose (Sevendust).

"One of the greatest things that can happen when it comes time to write lyrics for a song is when the song tells you what to say. This was absolutely the case with Full Circle. The song fed off so many emotions on it's own that it wrote itself lyrically. Full Circle is about getting stuck in a routine that keeps you from being what you want to be. Repetition is inevitable, but negative repetition is cancerous. It can be very difficult to step out of a comfort zone, but at some point we all have to understand that we deserve more in life" says Justin Taylor (Lead Vocals, Guitar).

Alborn consists of Justin Taylor (guitar/vocals), Alex Raser (drums/vocals), Zame Lewis (bass) and Nate Guske (guitar).

In late 2019 and early 2020, Alborn started making moves. The band played a weekend of shows with Sevendust including a Champaign, IL, sellout. They then followed that up with sold out shows with Buckcherry and Adelitas Way. The momentum was building and so was the chatter. So much so, Imagen Records was interested in signing them. Meetings with radio executives were scheduled in New York and then... Covid 19 put the plans on hold.  Now, the plans are no longer on hold.

Check out Full Circle here, and listen for the song on I-Rock 93.5.


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