Before the guys from Alborn rock the Rust Belt for the 4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock Anniversary party, they come to the Rock & Roll Mansion to I-Host.   Which includes talking.  Drinking.  Rocking.  And drinking.  Which also ends in a series of f-bombs and bleeps never before heard on I-Rock 93.5.  We're always breaking new ground.

You can listen to the guys and their musical selections (which you can see below) tonight (9/8) at 6:00 p.m. during I-Host thanks to Analog Pizza and Arcade and listen to all the unedited segments (we talked a lot) below.

Before we listen, have you heard about the party on Friday, September 15th at The Rust Belt?  You haven't?  Well, let me tell you!

  • September 15th - Doors at 6:00 p.m.
  • The Rust Belt
  • FREE to get in
  • Nonpoint, Alborn, Through Fire, and NonGrata
  • All-Ages
  • Win prizes
  • Get a free koozie just for walking through the door

Okay, you get the point...more details and how to be a VIP at the party are right here.

What Has Been Going On With Alborn?

Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook @darkroomphotographyraw on Instagram
Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook @darkroomphotographyraw on Instagram

They've been doing a lot of that right there.  The last time we heard Alborn live the guys were lighting up Common Chord for their EP Release party.  After that, they took a tour with Powerman 5000, had a song reach the top 40 of the billboard charts, and continued to bang it around the midwest.

Check out part 1 of what you'll hear Friday night at 6:00 p.m. right here.

We talked more about being on the road in front of new audiences while opening for Powerman 5000.  The guys said they learned quickly a good opening song was "Learn To Live" cause it showcased who they were and what people could expect in the next 30 minutes.  We dove into that more in part 2.


Of course, the EP is still fresh and we know they will be playing for the Quad Cities at The Rust Belt.  But I always have to ask, what's next.  And of course, they are working on more new music.

Once again the guys are working with the producers who put their latest EP together.  While Justin says they have enough material to put out 18 albums, they are working to just continue to get more out and then hit the road again late this year.

By the time we got to part 4, the drinks had been flowing a bit more and we got a bit more chatty.  We talked about connecting with that audience that knows or doesn't know the band.  We dove deeper into the writing and producing process.  And we talked about those moments we remember at concerts including when the lights went out at the 3-year party last year.

And here is part 5.  If you are going to listen to any of the parts of the interview...this is the winner right here.  A few drinks in and we started talking about assless chaps, dumb Facebook and Tik Tok videos, and important music things like sideways drums.

Then at the end, before Justin dropped all the F-Bombs...Justin said he wants to say thank you to the Quad Cities just like we at I-Rock 93.5 do.  But, if you want to get your thank you from the Alborn crew then you need to be there, on Friday, September 15th at The Rust Belt to get it.  See you there.

Oh...should also let you know what the guys will be playing tonight.  Here is their playlist:

  1. Title Fight - Chlorine
  2. Meshuggah - Do Not Look Down
  3. Crosses - Vivien
  4. Bleed From Within - I Am Damnation
  5. Plus, songs from all the bands you can see next Friday at The Rust Belt below.
4 Freakin Years
4 Freakin Years

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