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My name is Collin Reynolds

I love hard rock because I was raised up on it and it has gotten me through some difficult times

My favorite bands are My Chemical Romance and Avatar

The best concert I've ever seen was Avatar. It was also my first moshpit experience

My Playlist:

  1. Drop - P.O.D
  2. Famous Last Words -  My Chemical Romance
  3. Cut the Cord - Shinedown
  4. New Divide - Linkin Park
  5. Shotgun Blues - Volbeat
  6. Miracle - A Day to Remember
  7. If Tomorrow Never Comes - Bad Wolves
  8. How to Survive - Of Mice and Men
  9. Torn Apart - Avatar
  10. The Good Life - Three Days Grace
  11. Rats - Ghost
  12. Youth of A Nation - P.O.D
  13. Your Betrayal - Bullet for My Valentine

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