I-Rock 93.5 wants you to do all our work. You pick the music. You rock the Quad Cities. We head to the bar.

Every Friday at 6:00 you will kick off the weekend with "I-Host 93.5".  Your chance to host I-Rock 93.5 and pick our playlist for the 6:00 hour!

Presented by Hilltop Gun Shop.

Enter now for a chance to win:

*Winners will need to come to the I-Rock 93.5 studios to record audio at a time agreeable with the Program Director.

*All music chosen by winner must be in accordance with station format and be in accordance with all FCC guidelines.  That means no cussin’!

*Program Director will have final say over final music decision.

*If song(s) is (are) not available Program Director will work with winner to find songs/artists that will be close to winners choice.

*Don’t show up drunk.

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