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I'm Michelle Burkle and I was born and raised in Davenport.

I love hard rock because my dad and I grew up listening to rock and roll and even some heavier music back when I was much younger.  My dad listened to music every Saturday Night so I was fortunate to listen as well.

My son and I go to a lot of concerts together and he introduced me to metal-core.

My favorite concert was the Butcher Babies and my favorite band, which is hard to narrow down, is Volumes, from LA.

My Playlist:

  1. Within The Ruins - Clockwork
  2. ERRA - Divisionary
  3. August Burns Red - Light House
  4. Currents - The Death We Seek
  5. Phinehas - Crowns
  6. Laaz Rockit - Fire In The Hole
  7. Volumes - Bend
  8. Butcher Babies - Red Thunder
  9. Born Of Osiris - Poster Child
  10. For Today - Fight The Silence
  11. After The Burial - Lost In The Static
  12. Silent Planet - Panic Room
  13. Crystal Lake - Blud God

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