So good we do it again.  We already shared with you one set of professional pictures from the 4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock party at The Rust Belt in East Moline, Illinois.  But, with a party that big we had two professionals running around capturing all the moments.

So below you can see the new pictures from Nick and then below that if you want to keep on looking, you can with pictures from Tom.  Look through all of them to find your favorite!

4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock

Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook
Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography on Facebook

Now I don't think you need to be reminded about the night, but since it's been a while and a lot of you had a lot of fun, we'll just run through it quickly.

On September 15, 2023, we celebrated 4 years of hard rock in the Quad Cities.  The free party was our way of saying thank you for supporting us with all the crazy things we do.

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We were joined by Nonpoint, Alborn, Through Fire, and NonGrata.  All 4 bands were fantastic and made it a night to remember.  But if you had a few to many of those drinks from the wonderful bartenders at The Rust Belt, well here is your way to remember it again.

We look forward to doing it again next year.  It will be different in some way.  Bands, dates, prizes, dolls.  But one thing you can be sure of...we'll get together to celebrate all things rock in the Quad Cities and why we are here to stay.  All thanks to you.

4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock Part 2

When you put on a party like that you don't just have one set of pictures. Check out more pictures from NonGrata, Through Fire, Alborn, and Nonpoint. Along with the other randomness of the night at The Rust Belt in East Moline.

Gallery Credit: Nick Frausto @darkroomphotography/Facebook

Keep Looking at the 4 Freakin' Years of Hard Rock Anniversary Party

What an awesome night of rock with Nonpoint, Alborn, Through Fire, and NonGrata. Thank you for rockin' with us!

Gallery Credit: DT Photo - Tom Tarner

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