Slipknot's new album, The End So Far, will be released on September 30.  But before the album, we got not just one, but two singles released from the band.  Both are very Slipknot.  But they are very different.  So, which one do you like better?

 The End, So Far track listing

Technically Slipknot has already released 3 tracks from their new album.  Chapeltown Rag came out back in November of 2021 and is also included in the album track listing.

1. Adderall
2. The Dying Song (Time To Sing)
3. The Chapeltown Rag
4. Yen
5. Hivemind
6. Warranty
7. Medicine For The Dead
8. Acidic
9. Heirloom
10. H377
11. De Sade
12. Finale

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But then after months of touring and teasing we finally got new music on July 19th with "The Dying Song (Time To Sing)".  

But then less than a month (August 5) later they released another track with "Yen".

Now, it's time to sing...or just vote below for the one you like the best.

The Dying Song (Time To Sing)

Here is the first one.  No denying this is Slipknot.  From the first note of Corey singing and then the speed, drums, and just plain heaviness that is Slipknot.

What I was told from the label was that this was never supposed to be a "radio song" and they put it out just for fans to stream.  Why is that?  Well of course because it's "too heavy for radio.".  For f sake.  Other stations out there blow.  I-Rock 93.5 is still playing it because rocks.


Less than a month after The Dying Song the band, and label, put out Yen.  Which is considered a "more friendly" radio song.

And yeah, it is, cause it's a bit slower.  But it still has Corey growling in parts, some heavy drums, and the electronic sounds from Sid.  It's still very Slipknot.

Time to choose your favorite child.

You never tell which kid you like more...or maybe you do...we don't judge....but in this case, we need you to choose.  Yeah, maybe you like both...but this poll is only going to let you choose one.  So vote wisely, cause it could determine which song you hear more on I-Rock 93.5.  Although really...we're going to keep playing both of them.

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