The Deftones have been teasing new music and a new album for months now.  Finally, we have something to listen to.

The new album called "Ohms" will be released September 25 but the title track was just released on August 21.  You can check out the track listing and album artwork here.

For me, the Deftones always come with something new.  You can always tell it's them because of Chino.  However musically and stylistically every album is a little different.  While most look to Adrenaline or White Pony and say "do more like that" I have been a big fan of their recent work as well.  Song wise, Tempest, Diamond Eyes and You've Seen The Butcher are some of my favorite songs by the Deftones.

I need to listen to this one more.  It's good.  But there is nothing that instantly jumps out to me as "Deftones unique".  And all those listed above (and even their early stuff) all had something that made it different and jump off the speakers.  We'll see what the rest of "Ohms" has to offer when it comes out.

For now, take a listen to the title track and let me know what you think in the poll below!


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