So here we are.  1 week away until we all get together at The Rust Belt for the 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock concert and party.  Last Friday, we had special guests in the studio to play music and talk about the show.  If you missed Alborn as your I-Host, you can check it out here.  This week, it's another special edition of I-Host with Jose Urquiza from 3 Years Hollow joining us to talk and play some music which you can check out below.

One more time, let's remind you about the concert and party.

Ok, it's probably not the last time we'll remind you about the party.  We'll do that all the way up to 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 9 when the doors open at the Rust Belt.  But, since we have your attention...

3 Years Hollow, Alborn, The Forty Twos, and The Hong Kong Sleepover will be at The Rust Belt on September 9th for a FREE, all-ages show.  Doors at 6:00 music at 7:00.

3 Shocking Years
3 Shocking Years

There will also be cool shirts and exclusive on-site prizes.

Yeah, not only do you get all that rock for free but we're also bribing you to come with a free t-shirt for the first 150ish people (below) and a ton of prizes.  We'll have cash (fine's not much cash) concert tickets for Hinder, Judas Priest, The Trinity of Terror tour, and more.

3 Shocking Years
3 Shocking Years
3 Shocking Years
3 Shocking Years

Plus, you can win a custom I-Rock 93.5 fire pit from Preimeir Metal Art (like the one below) and autographed guitars.  We've got guitars from Three Days Grace/Wage War/Zero 9:36 (below) and one that will be signed by all the bands rocking The Rust Belt on Friday night.

3DG Gutiar
3DG Guitar
3 Shocking Years Guitar
3 Shocking Years Guitar

What did Jose and I talk about for 25 minutes?

Well, it was more like 35 minutes but after editing out some of...a lot nonsense I got it down to about 25 minutes for you.  You can check out the full podcast below.

We talked about the 3 Year Hollow Reunion

On Friday at the Rust Belt 3 Years Hollow will be back on stage for the first time in over 3 years.  A show was supposed to happen in April of 2020...but well, you know what happened then.  Not only is this the first time they have played the QC in 3 years, but it's also the first time the original lineup has played together in about SEVEN years.  Yeah, it's been a hot minute.

Jose says that the guys (Neil, Dex, Tony, Chris, and himself) have been jamming on old stuff and it's been "magical".

We talked about his favorite band and concert

Like any I-Host, I asked him the I-Host questions.  Why do you like hard rock?  Who is your favorite band?  What is the best concert you've ever been to?

The first two questions were pretty easy for him.  The sound and feelings drove him to hard rock and Sevendust is his favorite band.  But the third was tricky since so many of the shows he's attended were shows that he played.  So he picked one he remembered from an awesome tour they were on with a massive list of amazing bands.

attachment-Jose 2

Singing and performing or producing?

This was the biggest question I wanted to ask him.  Cause not only is Jose with 3 Years Hollow AND Table 9.  But, he produces numerous bands and runs InstaMix producing sessions.  While he said he still loves and wants to do both, he is gravitating more towards the producing side just because of the demands of touring and having kids is not an easy combination.

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I could have spent another hour with him just talking about music, life, and what's next for him and the band.  But we're busy guys.  Well, he is...I just had to post more crap online or something dumb.

It was great catching up with Jose. The conversation made me, and hopefully, you, more stocked for Friday and the 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock party.

Check out his playlist below and you can listen to the full interview below too.  Then listen to the entire thing, with songs, tonight (9/2) at 6:00 p.m. and we'll see you in ONE week.

Jose's playlist:

  • Tool - Parabola
  • Revis - Caught In The Rain
  • Sevendust - Last Breath
  • System of a Down - Forest
  • Incubus - Circles
  • Mudvayne - Death Blooms
  • Chevelle - Family System
  • 311 - Hey You

Listen to the full podcast here.

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