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Who are you?

My name is Erik Aalund. I am 39 years old, with too many absurd memories to count. I am a nerd, a meathead, a bibliophile, and a weirdo. Above all things, I am a metal-fuckin'-head. From Hardcore, to death metal, to prog metal, and with an affinity for all things Thrash, heavy metal has always been the soundtrack to my life.

Why do you love hard rock?

It's the energy. You can feel it. Aggression and insight, it's always a good feeling. It's like audio passion. Loud and fast, it's the best way to wake up and get through the day. It's aggressive music for aggressive people, and it's the only type of music that's ever made sense to me. Whether you're alone dealing with life shit, wading through a daily struggle, or screaming with thousands of people at a show, the music just makes me happy.

Who is your favorite band or artist?

This is an impossible question. There's been an infinite number of artists or songs that have been at the top of my "favorites" list over the last 3 decades, and picking one feels like a betrayal to all the others. I've had times when Deicide was at the top, and others where Exodus took that nod... If I had to really narrow it, I'd go with Metallica. One of the first metal bands I truly fell in love with, as well as my first major concert experience, I have always come back to Metallica. They opened the door for 10-year-old Erik to get into heavier bands, and their good shit is the best there is. Not to take anything away from Slayer (a close second), but Master of Puppets is the single greatest record that the human race has ever produced...so I'll stick with them as an answer.

What's the best concert you've ever seen?

I have seen more shows than I can remember, and I've loved every single one. There have been some amazing experiences, like the Wall of Death at the Exodus/Kreator show, the full floor pit at the Slayer/Lamb of God, or the incredible stage performance of Rammstein. However, the best concert I've ever seen was Sepultura, Hatebreed, and Puya at the House of Blues in Chicago. I was 16, and two buddies and I lied to our parents about where we were, we took my mom's car and drove it to downtown Chicago to see this show. Such an amazing show, with the circle pits the music I loved, and the ridiculously thrilling feeling of being with that many other people who loved what I loved. It was amazing...until we got back at 230 in the morning and saw my stepdad's truck parked in my buddy's driveway. Turns out that our parents had been trying to get ahold of us. And began flipping out when they couldn't. Needless to say, everyone was pissed, especially when they found out we drove to Chicago. It was a mess, and "Mas" does not begin to describe my mom or the punishments doled out. 23 years later and I STILL get shit about it. And it was completely worth it. It started me on a path of amazing live shows and incredible experiences with a metalhead family. BEST. CONCERT. EVER.

My Playlist

  1. Crisix- World Needs Mosh
  2. Metallica - Metal Militia
  3. Lazarus A.D.- Last Breath
  4. Lost Society - Overdosed Brain
  5. Ultraviolence - Money For Nothing
  6. Kreator- Hail To The Hordes
  7. Megadeth- Lying In State
  8. Slayer- War Ensemble
  9. Sepultura - Arise
  10. Lamb of God- Ghost Walking
  11. Onslaught - Born For War
  12. Exodus- Strike Of The Beast
  13. Metallica - Master =Of Puppets

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