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I'm Darrell "Big D".  In my younger days, I was a drummer for a few different local bands (iykyk) now I'm just an aging metalhead.

I like most music generally, but I love hard rock/metal for its aggressive nature.  It has the power to move me.

My favorite band is probably Sevendust.  I first saw them a good 25 years years ago, and probably will never stop wanting to... they continue to put out killer music.

The best concert I've ever seen?  As far as a stage show, that would have to be Rammstein.   In general, seeing Rush twice was pretty amazing..  the only band I think I've ever seen put on a 3-4 hour show with no openers. Sadly will never get to see them again.

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My Playlist:

  1. 3 Years Hollow – Hungry
  2. Alborn - Learn To Live
  3. Widow7 - Choke
  4. Sevendust - Black
  5. Nonpoint - Ruthless
  6. Soil - Halo
  7. Ill Nino - What You Deserve
  8. Bullet For My Valentine - 4 words (To Choke Upon)
  9. Killswitch Engage - You Don't Bleed For Me
  10. Avatar - Colossus
  11. Dry Kill Logic - Assfault
  12. Fear Factory - Edgecrusher
  13. All That Remains - This Calling

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