We are now 2 weeks away from celebrating 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock. On September 9th at The Rust Belt, we're having a concert/party with 3 Years Hollow, The Forty Twos, The Hong Kong Sleepover, and this week's special I-Host guest, Alborn.

You haven't yet heard about the 3 Shocking Years Concert?

Have you been in a coma?  Take a really long trip and not have your phone on at all?  I'm pretty sure you heard about it.  But just a quick reminder...

3 Shocking Years
3 Shocking Years

Those prizes will include an autographed guitar from all these bands, an autographed Three Days Grace guitar, a custom I-Rock 93.5 Firepit, concert tickets, and a little cash.

Plus, this is the shirt you can get if you are one of the first 150ish in the door.

3 Years Shirt
3 Years Shirt

Your special I-Host for the week, Alborn

So to promote the show and just catch up with the fellas from Alborn we invited them to come to the station.  Not just to talk about music and life and the band, but to also play some of their favorite songs.  So Justin, Zame, and Raser (missed you Nate) all came in to do just that.

Most I-Host, which you can be as well, get 13 songs and talk for about 3 minutes.  With Alborn, they played 8 songs and we talked for about 25 minutes.

What all did we talk about for 25 minutes?

Well first off, we actually talked for 45 minutes.  But after some choice editing (and bleeping, thanks Justin) we got it down enough to still get songs in the hour as well.

Who is your favorite rock band?

I actually didn't ask them who their favorite "rock" band was...just assumed that.  But, they all picked and told me why they had these favorites.  Justin went with Deftones.  Zame said Linkin Park.  Raser had Tool for his.

What is retuned?

If you don't follow any of the guys on social media you should.  Cause then you'd already know what they are doing with "Retuned".  What the guys are doing is taking well-known songs and redoing them.  You might be thinking "well these are just covers".  But oh no...not like that.  They keep the original vocals but then redo the instruments around them.

Their first task was to take on "Smells Like Teen Spirit".  You can check out the full episode on YouTube.

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When are we going to get new music?

This was the question I've been asking them for some time.  And they keep giving me a very Corey Taylor like answer of "soon".  But for the first time, they have given a bit of a timeline.  They said it should be coming "in the beginning of the new year".  Would have rather heard "oh we got it for you right here"...but getting a rough time from them is still good to hear.

Here is the Alborn playlist:

  1. Loathe – Screaming
  2. Our Lady Peace – The Birdman
  3. Norma Jean – A Killing Word
  4. Malevolence – On Broken Glass
  5. Animals As Leaders – Tooth and Claw
  6. Fit For An Autopsy – Far From Heaven
  7. Turnstile – Blackout
  8. Static-X – I’m The One

You can listen to the full interview and the songs that they picked at 6:00 p.m. only on I-Rock 93.5.  Plus, we have the full interview below.  Then talk with them about all this and more...you know where...September 9th at The Rust Belt for the free, 3 Shocking Years of Hard Rock concert.  See you there.


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