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Ok, so who am I?

I am a music enthusiast!  I will say, being 51, I tend to love Hair Bands!   Although, my first love of a true metal band was way back in 86, Metallica!   Ride the lightning was on 24/7!   I had a cassette with Fade to Black on repeat!

To me, metal means peace and joy I can't get from anywhere else.  The metal community is like no other!

I bartend at Radicle Effect Brewerks in Rock Island, in which the owner is a Slayer mega fan!

I would say my all-time favorite band is Metallica.

The best concert ever is a hard one.  I have been to hundreds of shows and each one was kick ass!  So, different shows were great at different times in my life.

Although, the Faster Pussycat and L.A. Guns show at the Rust Belt was freaking amazing!!!

As for epic!   Louder than Life in Louisville is always top of the list!

My Playlist:

  1. Fade to Black - Metallica
  2. Back to School - Deftones
  3. Walk - Pantera
  4. Electric Gypsy - L.A. Guns
  5. Waiting Room - Fugazi
  6. Mother - Danzig
  7. Happy? - Mudvayne
  8. Crazy Train - Ozzy
  9. Down In It - NIN
  10. Twisted Transistor - Korn
  11. Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
  12. Paradise City- Guns N Rose's
  13. Epic - Faith No More

So this list is a cluster of personality!   I am open to laughter and discussion.

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