I'll be the first person to admit I'm not really into astrology.  I don't put much stock into tarot cards and crystals and carnival fortune-tellers. If I can see it and touch it, it's real.  Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.  I will say, however, as I put together this article, and actually read a bit into my astrological sign(Leo) there were quite a few similarities.  I do like to run my mouth quite a bit, I can be a bit loud and boisterous at times, and I sure do like to party! That got me wondering if these qualities can be measured in the music industry.  If each sign was a rock band, who would they be?  I've pulled out a few traits from each and tried to connect the dots to what musician best matched.

If Bands Were Zodiac Signs


Well, that's it.  My pathetic attempt at "uncovering the mysteries of the stars". Most of it is crap, but one or two things might actually hold up.  Oh, and while you're at it, go out and buy a lottery ticket.  I feel like today might be your day to win.

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