I got my ass back in gear after Thanksgiving and got an I-Host 93.5 winner back in the studio this week.  And he delivered.  Check out more about Ethan and his kick ass playlist below.

Question one – Who are you? I am Ethan, I’m 24. I’m a cnc programmer.

Question two - Why do you love hard rock?  I love hard rock because of the many different varieties you can listen to. The riffs of the guitar, the bang of the drums, the scream of the vocals. Gotta love it!

Question three – Who is your favorite band/artist?  My favorite band would probably have to be tool. I love tool because they are so different from anything else. Their music is so technical and it makes you think.

Question four – What is the best concert you’ve ever seen? Probably has to be slayers final tour. I loved all the bands and they all did a great job. Plus it was my first and last time seeing slayer.


  1. Angel With The Scabbed Wings- Marilyn Manson
  2. Slice Paper Wrists- Poison The Well
  3. Too Many Puppies- Primus
  4. Seasons In The Abyss- Slayer
  5. Atwa- System of a Down
  6. New Skin- Incubus
  7. Sonne- Rammstein
  8. N.W.O.- Ministry
  9. Numb- Disturbed
  10. Parabola- Tool
  11. Passenger- Deftones
  12. The Package- A Perfect Circle

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