Work meetings are just the worst.  Typically they are pointless or the points made could have been made in an email.  Trust me, I know.  I have many of them.  But when the I-Rock 93.5 "staff" gets together our meetings are always highly productive.  Or at least mildly entertaining.

This Is I-Rock 93.5.

What we do would not be possible without you.  The music.  The concerts.  The bar hangs.  The random events.  None of it matters if you don't listen, like, follow, download, and show up to all the stuff we do.

Not only do you do all that, but you also send I-Rock 93.5 shoutouts on our app to be the voice of the station.  You say who you are and where you listen from.  You get your kids to say I-Rock.  You give your work a shoutout.  You talk about how hard you are.  However you roll, your voice is all over your station.  Haven't done that yet?  You should.  Download the app and scroll over on the little menu bar till you see "record a shout-out".

So YOU really are I-Rock 93.5.

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But since we don't get to have meetings with you because you work a real job, and I have to pretend like I'm working at this job, I have meetings...with the staff.  And here they all are.

This is I-Rock 93.5.

This is how it started. A pointless meeting trying to come up with an idea.

Holiday Gift Exchange

Nobody likes meetings around the holidays.  Especially when it's about a holiday party you don't want to attend anyway.

More end-of-the-year meetings.

Seriously, nobody wants to meet around the holidays.  People are already stressed to the point of snapping.

The Corporate Health Initiative.

Corporate wants everyone to be healthy.  Not cause they care about us.  But because it lowers their insurance costs.  So, we had to have a meeting about that too.

Employee of the Month

We had a meeting not to hand out the employee of the month award, but to talk about why we don't win the award.

Can't Agree On Anything...Except

Even though we all argue at times, it turns out there is one thing that brings us all together.


Will there be more staff meetings in the future?  Probably, unless of course, the fellas at corporate see these...which since they don't pay attention to us I think we'll have more.  While we wait for the next pointless meeting, you can check out all our videos on the I-Rock 93.5 YouTube page.

Keep Looking At All The States I-Rock 93.5 Has Rocked

I-Rock 93.5 is the Quad Cities Hard Rock station. You have made that happen by listening and downloading and liking and showing up to all our crazy stuff. But you keep taking it one step further. You like to wear the I-Rock 93.5 shirt, or in some cases take the I-Rock 93.5 flag, with you when you travel. Which is awesome.
Now, we are on a mission to get a picture of our shirt/flag/koozie in every state. And as you can see below, we're off to a good start.
Next time you travel take I-Rock 93.5 with you and then send us the picture on the I-Rock 93.5 app or on our Facebook page and we'll share it with the world to show how much you, and the Quad Cities rocks.

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