Nothing like getting sucked into a YouTube rabbit hole to waste a ton of time at work.  But hey, at least it helped me get inspired to write this story and maybe, a new feature on the station.

There are a LOT of cover songs out there right now.  Chris Cornell - Patience, Sevendust - The Day I Tried To Live, Three Days Grace - Somebody I Used To Know and Diamante featuring Benjamin Brumley - Iris.  Then, ones we aren't even playing yet Motionless In White - Somebody Told Me, Disturbed - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, Korn - Devil Went Down To Georgia.  (Not to mention the kind of covers/remakes of their own songs in Breaking Benjamin - Dear Agony and Metallica - All Within My Hands)

So clearly, bands are cranking these out during there time in quarantine and people are liking them.  I'm liking them as well.  Some are better than others for sure.  But I feel like there are a LOT right now.  A lot that you hear and that we play regularly.  Not to even mention all the older covers we play.

But I'm not talking about those kind of cover songs.  I'm talking about these kind of cover songs.

Or another something like this.

Now these kind of songs aren't going into the regular "rotation" of what we do.  Hard to explain why in a story, we'll talk about it over beers when we can do that again.  But, what do you think about doing a "Cover up Wednesday" (or Thursday or whatever day of the week) where I play a couple each day.  Like 11:30 and 1:30.  I don't know, I'm brainstorming with you here.  OH...and do I play the original with it...or just the cover?

Let me know what you think.  Comment on the Facbook post. DM me.  Send me a message on the app.  Some of these could get weird.  But sometimes weird can be good.

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