Corey Taylor is currently in Europe with Slipknot but he took some time to talk with I-Rock 93.5 even while not feeling that well.

The new album "CMF2" comes out September 15 which is a long time from now.  And as Corey said, "We were kind of rushing to get everything done and then we saw the date and were like what the hell were we trying to hurry up for."

Corey and I talked new album, the pile of material he is sitting on, a bit of Slipknot, and even SpongeBob.

CMF2 - Beyond


The first song from the album, CMF2, "Beyond" dropped on May 16.  Corey says he originally wrote Beyond as an aggressive romantic song, but now he's looking at it now as a kind of ‘come together’ song. Bringing the masses together.  The song was originally written in 2006 and Corey said he tried to bring it into Stone Sour but those guys didn't want to do it.

So how does this album compare to CMFT?  Corey said, "There are heavy tracks like Post-Traumatic Blues has all the earmarks of a Slipknot tune".  "There are light moments, but there are heavy moments, dark moments, it's got a little bit of everything."  Taylor continued by saying "What it has that the first album didn't really have in my opinion is a focus."

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The next song we'll hear from the album will be Post-Traumatic Blues sometime in July.  Corey said that song has "a drum cadence that I was working on that I wanted to incorporate into a song for Slipknot back in 2000 when we were working on the Iowa album.  I was working on it with Joey and Paul and it didn't have the same intensity as the other stuff we were working on so I took it back and was able to write a song around it."

Corey Is Sitting On A Pile Of Music

Dave Navarro & Billy Morrison's "ABOVE GROUND 3" Concert Benefiting Musicares
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While recording CMF2 the band recorded 26 songs.  And there are 13 on the album.  So I had to ask him how much music he is sitting on.

"I've been working on demos for the 3rd solo album cause I like to work on stuff in advance, like 5 years in advance.  I was looking through some folders on my computer and I found all these songs that I didn't remember writing or demoing."

Corey said he writes way more than one song at a time.  "It's the doom of being a single songwriter.  A lot of these other people when they release singles there's like 25 songwriters."  How did 25 people come up with this mediocre piece of crap?  For me it's more about, maybe showing off, but I just have a voracious appetite when it comes to it."

The Many Faces of Corey Taylor


The above photo is the album cover, but Corey said when you open the album it unfolds to show even more of Corey through the year.  From Slipknot to Stone Sour and movies along with homages to some of his favorites including Sgt. Pepper, Bowie, and Prince.

You can also see the Iowa license plate in the picture.  Corey said that was his plate from his old Nissan Maxima and is the real plate.

Are You Ready Kids!?

Pictured: Musician Corey Taylor (L), cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants
Scott Dudelson, Getty Images / YouTube: SpongeBob SquarePants Official

I had to ask him.  When he last played The Rust Belt on May 5 he gave us a snippet of SpongeBob Square Pants.  I asked him if he still liked doing it or if he was done with it.  "If I'm in the mood I'll bust it out.  There are also those times I'm just going to prod the audience and goat them into giving me a big "ahhh".

He said, "I learned that to play for Griff when he was like 10."  After the video got so many views he said "It became part of my legacy I guess.  I have hundreds of songs and that is one that gets screamed at me when I pick up an acoustic guitar."

As for Slipknot...

Oh, and about that new Slipknot member.  I asked if he would give us a hint as to who it is.  "Nope".  That was it.  That was, by leaps and bounds, the shortest answer Corey gave.  So keep on sleuthing to figure it out.

Take a listen to the full podcast with Corey Taylor below and get ready for more new music from him in July and September 15 with CMF2.

(Note, the first 40 seconds were recorded at a low audio quality but then it sounds good after that.  Technology still eludes me.)



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