Before Moon Fever rocked The Rust Belt with Steel Panther on a Sunday night they spent some time talking with us for another edition of "I-Rock with Rock Stars".

There in the green room of the venue in East Moline, we talked about touring, music, influences, their sound, and even the best Christmas presents they ever received which you can listen to in the below podcast.

Who Is Moon Fever

Moon Fever
Moon Fever

The Seattle-based Moon Fever are Triston Bracht (vocals - in the hat above), Mitch Micoley (guitar - glasses above) Dave Orton (bass), and Troy Wageman (drums).  Dave and Troy formerly played with Hyro The Hero so I had to ask Mitch and Dave how all four of them came together.  Triston said "Mitch, Dave, and Troy all shared the same manager so they mutually found out that I was hanging around the Seattle scene.  It was a crap shoot.  We were like let's see if it works.  We got in the room and it was instant magic."

Mitch added that the night they all first got together they went out for Chinese food and he got food poisoning.  So the band that can get sick and still stay together has to be able to work.

Once a band gets together and gets songs built the first thing they want to do is hit the road.  Mitch said that the road has its ups and downs.  "On this tour, Steel Panther has been amazing to work with.  Now, let's talk lows.  The van broke down on our way to the first show in Cleveland.  But they made it work, got to the show, and now have a story to go along with it.

Moon Fever is coming off their top 40 hit "Getting Loud" but when I asked them what song you should crank up to discover the band they said it was the song "Feels So Good".  So you can check that out here after you listen to the podcast below.

As we are leading up to Christmas I felt like I needed to ask them if they remember their favorite Christmas present of all time as well.  Both had very specific stories and memories revolving around amazing musical gifts.

Check out the full interview with Tristan and Mitch from Moon Fever below which includes a surprise appearance from Steel Panther.  And check out all of our episodes of "I-Rock with Rock Stars" here.

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