I-Rock 93.5 presents the "Skeletons Tour" with Pop Evil.  Your bones can get rockin' with us at The Rust Belt in East Moline for this all-ages, all-GA show.

Tickets are on sale now at The Rust Belt website for Pop Evil with Eva Under Fire, Lines of Loyalty and Cairo Knife Fight.

You can also get tickets at Coop Records and remember, you can get your hard copy tickets with NO FEES anytime The Rust Belt box office is open.  It doesn't matter if you are going to the show that night.  Park.  Get your no-fee tickets at the window.  Save that money.

Of course, you can always win tickets from your concert leader I-Rock 93.5 by listening and signing up to win below.

Pop Evil

Nicole Schoen Visconti
Nicole Schoen Visconti

Pop Evil recently released their seventh studio album with frontman Leigh Kakaty saying "First, it’s about our musical identity.  This is about us as a band stripping everything down to the bones. It’s more uptempo, it’s got bigger riffs, and we’re trying to capture the energy of our live show.”

“But it’s also a positive message,” he adds. “I know it’s a morbid visual, but behind every skeleton, there’s a story and something worth talking about. Overall, it’s about looking at something in a positive way. And I’m excited for everyone to hear that.”

For the album, Kakaty and his bandmates (lead guitarist Nick Fuelling, rhythm guitarist Dave Grahs, bassist Joey "Chicago" Walser, and drummer Hayley Cramer) certainly channel some pent-up energy stemming from the last two years of general world chaos. It’s an intense album — both sonically and lyrically — that still finds ways to bring in melodic and uplifting moments.

Eva Under Fire

Nicole Schoen Visconti
Nicole Schoen Visconti

Our friends are coming back!  Eva Under Fire rocked the Rust Belt for our Christmas show.  And if you missed them...you missed a great show!  This time, you need to be there and be there early to rock with Eva.

There will be at least one more coming...maybe even two that will round out the night at The Rust Belt.

Pop Evil, and Eva Under Fire on August 15 at The Rust Belt in East Moline.  Get your tickets here and let's have a good time together on this special August day.

Rust Betl
Rust Betl

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